True/False [3 points per question]

[Highlight the correct answer in red]

1. Three fundamental sources of conflict within families include sibling conflict, parent-offspring conflict, and conflict between the parents. True                False

2. One of the implications of inclusive fitness theory holds that there will be a special evolved psychology of kinship involving psychological mechanisms dedicated to solving the different adaptive problems confronted when dealing with siblings, half siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts and uncles. True                 False

3. Approximate synonyms for reciprocal altruism include social exchange, reciprocation, and mutation. True                   False

4. The Prisoner’s Dilemma is one of a suite of game theory conflicts that are used to study the dynamics of reciprocity.      True                False

5. According to Tooby and Cosmides (1996), each person has an unlimited number of friendship niches. True                False

6. Aggression to coopt resources can only occur at the individual level. True          False

7. Men primarily perpetuate aggression against men and women primarily perpetuate aggression against women. True                False

8. Natural selection operates on genes for particular design features based on their average reproductive consequences, totaled over evolutionary time. True        False

9. Warfare, defined as aggression by a cooperative coalition against another cooperative coalition, is extremely rare in the animal world. True                   False

10. Tactics of mate retention range from vigilance to violence. True                        False

11. Evolutionary psychology does not provide any key insights into why conflicts between men and women that pervade social living occur; this is a major limitation of the theory. True                 False

12. The neurotransmitter serotonin has been explored in relation to dominance among animal and human subjects. True                False

13. An increase in self-esteem follows from a downward shift in the degree to which one avoids other members of one’s species. True                 False

14. The term tit-for-tat is a particularly successful strategy in the Prisoner’s Dilemma game. True              False

15. The core assumptions of traditional cognitive psychology are inextricably linked to those of evolutionary psychologists. True                False

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