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Question 3.1

Genes play an imperative role in the development of obesity in children. This is attributed to the fact that, genetic compositions control elements body like appetite, individual traits and the manner in which fats are stored within the human body. Additionally, the susceptibility function is quite high in children whose families bear the same condition and thereby indicative of a genetic issue. The nurturing environment majorly includes home settings in that, upholding detrimental lifestyles especially related to fatty rations tend to enhance obesity. This is aggravated by the exclusion of physical workouts. Nurturing also includes areas like learning institutions and the society.

Question 3.2

            The most comprehensive outlook was that formulated by Jean Piaget as the theory of cognitive development with the assertion that growing children tend to accord progression through the comprehension function. During the early phases, a child tends to identify with actions and this later transforms into mental understanding. Through assimilation, a child is able to comprehend information and accord a choice to amass it resulting into learning. I believe that Piaget’s theory offers the excellent account in childhood progression since it offers pragmatic and credible attestation to the claims as opposed to other’s like Freud’s premise that is conceptual in nature.

Question 4.1

            An insecure attachment between a child and its parents imparts negative traits within the individual like low self-worth, individual insecurities, and incapacity to trust other individuals amongst other unconstructive conducts. These traits tend to persist within the child up to the adult stage and subsequently chiefly affect the socialization process due to the unhealthy attributes within acting as inhibitors to healthy associations. Secure attachments are enhanced through optimistic associations that involve mutual communication. Applying this in the given context, as the child cries, the parents should respond to the cue by comforting or talking to the baby for the reassurance that its needs are not being overlooked. This will enhance the security element.

Question 5.1

            Home settings aid a child in various aspects associated with intellectual progression like knowledge acquisition and detention, thinking proficiency, solving an array of issues, the recollection element and creativeness. The thinking progress aids with mental progression as it aids the child in acquiring independence in the solution seeking. For instance, a child may be shaped by parents in the identification and according of solutions to a given situation during an early phase. A reiteration of the same enhances the retention factor and the child acquires knowledge that he/she will employ even in the adult phase. The thinking element is also formed within a home setting. In an early age, the parents may offer resolutions to various issues and slowly start incorporating the child in the same process to shape the thought patterns. With time, the child can make such decisions devoid any dependence.

Question 5.2

            Parents act as the initial links for children with regard to gender functions as reflected by factors like toy preferences, different conduct and outfits selection. Girls tend to be rewarded with dolls and stuffed bears whereas boys are supplied with toys like racing cars and guns. With the dressing scheme, girls are accorded dresses while boys are fitted with trousers. However, this is second factor is affected by cultural elements in that modern societies tend to uphold trousers as unisex clothing. In such a culture, parents tend to accord the divergence with color factors in girls tend to be fitted with shades like pink and red. Parents will also determine the conduct with girls expected to accord some mannerisms like politeness whereas boys are allowed to be rowdy. These functions however are all reliant on the societal setting in that, in some instances, both boys and girls are mandated into courteous conduct.

Question 6.1

            Economic progression leading to the affordability of meat and animal protein products as regular meal constituents have led to the height enhancement in children. Proteins are bodybuilding elements within the body and therefore meats tend to be very helpful in height enhancement in children. The modernity within current communal settings has embraced the observance of fit eating lifestyles that have consequently imparted better health in expectant women. This factor is therefore transmitted to the child prior to birth and shapes the growth and height of the infant. Stout children were repeatedly scorned within the learning environment as well as in activities spent from the school setting. Some of them attained unconstructive habits like bullying smaller learners in a bid to recreate their punctured self-worth. Within the current community, the same practice would still be upheld as children mental progression patterns remain largely the same as in the past periods.

Question 6.2

            The administrator should ensure that the child’s strong areas are spotted prior to the testing exercise. This is because all individuals bear areas in which they excel and others that do not conform to the strong pattern. Therefore, test homogeny acts as an intimidating factor since it tends to de-motivate learners in an erroneous manner. For instance, my intelligence was evaluated with an IQ assessment revealing that I had a less than standard intelligence level, as the score was ninety. The results were very discouraging and subsequently imparted an unconstructive attitude within me towards any form of learning. However, my parents applied a musical intelligence assessment, and it afforded a high score of one hundred and twenty-five, which is the above standard level and this enhanced my learning morale. Therefore, the same discriminative pattern should be employed with the intelligence assessments for constructive fortification in learning.

Question 7.1

            The principal challenge that most teenagers interact with is the handling of the power challenge with the adolescent struggling to enforce the idea of independence in a wrong way by defying authority. This acts as the fundamental element in every resolution accorded by a teenager despite the circumstance. The same issue is evident within the present century since development patterns are upheld within human populaces due to the biological element. Handling peer pressure is therefore likely to remain constant as the issue bears congruence to past experiences. Handling peer influence is only sobered by appraising the penalties of one’s conduct in the viewpoint of the peers. For instance, peers will always support any form of decision one leans towards due to the thinking level. However, the perpetrator always meets the penalties alone. Therefore, with the outlines perspective, I would refrain from indulging in practices that I bore no strength to handle the magnitude of the consequence.

Question 8.1

            The research question I would use is that “breastfeeding habits in nursing women lessen the prospect of obesity in children”. The accorded hypothesis relates to the fact that unhealthy feeding lifestyles have been outlined as a causative agent towards the presence of obesity in young children. Comprehension from biological courses always advocated for breastfeeding over natural or artificial milk substitutes because breast milk comprises of fit elements for the baby. Therefore, breast milk would not enhance obesity inclinations in infants. I would employ secondary materials within the research from periodic surveys through sampling for a comprehensive examination of the accorded topic. Data collection from field would be inhibited by the fact that health institutions handle client information as classified and would therefore refrain from revealing the same.

Question 8.2

            Development researches are treated as sensitive examinations since they employ human subjects within the studies. Ethically, it is mandated that parents to the contributing children are presented with full information of the research for an informed choice as to whether the child will participate or not. Additionally, upon the request of the parents to withdraw the child from the exercise, the appeal should be honored. Culture on the other hand determines whether the research is acceptable within the accorded environment or not. Researchers must accord value to the child’s preferences and never coerce or deceive them into performing a given obligation against theist resolve.

Question 9.1

            Children ailing from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are mostly affected within the schooling setting as the individual lacks the capability of according concentration within the class. This is attributable to the issue of being overexcited and thereby inhibiting the concentration level. Dialogue therapy is useful in training the affected child to enhance the concentration element. Prescriptions would also be useful as it inhibits the amount of hormones in the mind that is liable for the hyperactive conduct. However, I would concentrate on the dialogue rehabilitation as it acts as a long-term solution to the condition as opposed to prescriptions that are short-term in nature attributable to the side outcomes.








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