Public and Private Partnership





 Public and Private Partnership

Question One

Public private partnership is an arrangement between the public and the private sector to work together in certain projects (HM Treasury, 2011). Various categories of public private partnership are distinct from each other. The first category is the operations and maintenance. In this category, the public partner (the government or local authority) contracts the private partner to maintain a public facility. The public partner usually retains the ownership and management of the project (Goldsmith & Eggers, 2004). The second category is the operations, maintenance and management. In this case, the public partner contracts a private partner to operate, maintain and manage the project. The public partner keeps the ownership of the project, but the private partner may invest in it and has the powers to manage the project (National Council for Public Private Partnership, 2011).

The third category of public private partnership is design build. In this case, the private partner is given a contract to plan and construct the project. However, the public partner is left with the duty to operate and maintain the project. Design, build and maintain is the other category of public private partnership. This category is similar to design build but the only difference is that the private partner is left with the duty of maintaining the project. The other category is the design build operate. In this situation the private partner is assigned with the duty to design build and operate the project. This ensures the continuity of public private relationships. However, there is usually a category of agreement to what extent the private owner operates the project (National Council for Public Private Partnership, 2011).

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