Reasons behind Recent Extinction of Animal Species




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Reasons behind Recent Extinction of Animal Species

In the last few years, many animal species have been declared extinct, with others being identified as endangered species in the verge of extinction. The problem causing this situation is the increased human population demanding more to survive, which is usually at the expense of such animals. Many researchers have recognized that the extinction is caused by humans through habitat destruction that leaves the animals with much smaller space that cannot sustain them all. There have been disagreements over the issues with many citing that human beings have to be given the first priority, hence they do not understand why it is important to prevent such animals from going extinct. According to Leakey and Lewin (1995), they say that in the next 100 years almost 505 of the species in the world will have gone extinct. Many scientists state that the current environmental changes such as global warming are the cause of extinction of these animals. However, economic exploitation of land has been the main contributor of this extinction since global warming is partly caused by agriculture. Explaining the effects of agriculture to the people would give an insight why many animals are becoming extinct. This way, people will have knowledge of the importance of these animals and learn to care for them. This has been recognized as the sixth mass extinction in the history of the world. The last one was the extinction of dinosaurs among other species due to eruptions of volcanoes. Scientists say that the sixth extinction will be different since it will be caused by human intervention.

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