Research Paper 1


The research investigates the construction career as a whole from the time one enrolls in the course in the university to the time one gets a job. The paper will also analyze the opportunity available for people who have studied construction management while analyzing their motivational package. The paper will also explain the nature of work this people are involved in and any other occupation that is related to theirs (Construction Management Degree, 2010).


The construction managers are people who are needed at work in almost every time, there’s calling of 24hrs.The degree in construction requires a blend of the work experience and a degree either in construction management or construction science. Any person oriented in the fields can be able to perform the task given.

       Nature of the work

The workers in this area prepare, plan and coordinate projects, which include supervision of houses drainage systems, school or commercial houses. There overwork is to oversee the building of a project while advising the ground men what to do. They may be involved in a project full time or part time. They prepare schedule time for a project by drawing up the resources of a certain project for either finances or material they should spend. The professions in this field are known as program managers or a constructor. They evaluate projects, put estimates of their costs, and advise the developers where they can buy materials as well as the quality of materials to buy (Construction Management Degree, 2010).Some large project that may require a lot of work force is divided into many construction managers to manage it. The work of the construction managers is mainly field work unless drawing up plans or doing consultancy jobs

Advancement rate in the career

Individual with interest of pursuing the career need to be embodied with the knowledge of building science. The person needs to have experience in regulations of building houses, be knowledgeable about software’s that schedules estimates and make programs for projects. They also need to understand contracts and the core mandate of their role and that is expected of them by the job market. They should be able to coordinate many projects all at once. They should also be able to make decisions that will reduce time wastage in a project for instance if a project lacks a certain type of material they should be able to find material to replace it and push the project to the next level. Advancement opportunities depend on an individual quality of work and leader ship skills that he exposes. Some managers establish their own enterprises; other can be hired as consultant.

Work out look

The world is moving toward complete globalization more technologies are being built everyday and education is advancing .All this development will need physical structures to hold them. The population has increased demand than what it was a few years back the buildings have to move with the same speed to house the increasing population. The demand for the skills is expected to rise towards the advancement of all other factors opportunities are likely to increase to cover the demand for the services. The advancement of technology should probably fine tune the degree to incorporate more software’s to ease the work but since their work is more ground work and supervisory it is highly unlikely that much will change .


The earnings are largely dependent on the project. The earnings depend on size of the project, the nature of the project, the location of the project and the economic implications of the project. Generally, the income per annum may be between $53,199. The figure is an average of the each job. The least paid has an average of $47,000 and for the highest paid, is $ 145,920 the amount earned in self-enterprise is not included in this figure. This is because of the consideration of other factors like the equipment contractors non-residential rates, any other trade contractors or foundations of building exterior contractors. The figure though is not representative of the income because of the projects that sometimes consult his services in terms of advice (United States department of labor, 2010)


The paper concluded that the career advancement to have experience for one to be competitive in the market. One must be knowledgeable in doing the projects in the shortest time possible. One must also be able to find solution to problems that occur in the pursuit of the project. He should also have interpersonal skills to handle managerial challenges that may require his attention. The study also realized that a constructor earning are not definite neither are they similar to different managers the out look of the professional shows that the career has many opportunities in future as the population increase and other factors like technology.

The project also realized that their nature of work might be so involving requiring a construction manger working for 24 hrs .The managers should also be able to estimate cost for a project and advise the developers where to cut cost and where to add. The manger should also be in a position to make decision to improve the project schedules. The majority of people in these individuals are self-employed (United States department of labor 2010).They also determine how materials will find their way into the site this means drawing schedules and allocating time to each delivery assign different areas to each task to avoid accidents at the work place .Their work is mainly field work.























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