Resignation of Jim Prentice

Resignation of Jim Prentice

            The lead story in The National of 4th November was about the resigning of Federal Environmental Minister Jim Prentice. The story was selected as the lead story due to its relevance and immediacy. Loosing a minister has greater repercussions for the prime minister, as selecting the best person to take up the vacant docket takes time. This might have adverse repercussions based on the urgent projects that the other minister was working on. The editor selected this as the lead story because of the immediacy of the story, it covers the most interesting happening of the day, the resignation translates to diverse implications on the people, the cabinet, the opposition and the prime minister as well as the prominence of the person focused in the story. He is the Federal Environmental minister; hence, he is an influential person in the government.

The elements that were included to make the lead story very important include relevance, time and power. The missing element is space. In terms of power, the story involves the federal Environmental minister who has power in the government hence the story has implications on the Canadian people because some of the urgent environmental projects that the minister was involved in have to be halted until a new minister is selected. The cabinet looses one of its influential members while the prime minister has to start the process of selecting the best person to fill in the vacant docket, which might take time. In terms of time, the story has immediacy as it happened abruptly. The story is relevant as it affects diverse people in Canada and it is a story that needs to be scrutinized by different people carefully. Space is lacking in the story because the space of the events is not fully acknowledged.

In the news, there was the clean energy strategy story, which could have been more appropriate as the lead story. This is because it affects the public directly, as Canada has not been able to contain the effects of global warming through the reduction of its causes. Essentially, the story examines a new national plan that can work towards containing global warming in Canada. Additionally, the Canadian government has been lacking where environmental policies are concerned. The new national energy plan should be the priority of the government, as it will go further in enhancing environmental preservation in Canada. This gives the story more relevance as the resigning of the minister will be remedied easily while, environmental preservation should be the main focus of the Canadian government and people.

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