Response to Question #2






Response to Question #2

Civil Rights Movement between the periods of 1930s to 1960s made significant gains in the United States. It was a worldwide political movement to amend laws thus promoting equality. The aim of the movement was to protect the African Americans from racial discrimination. The federal government played significant roles in ensuring that everyone including the African Americans received equal rights. The movement was meant to promote freedom of black people from oppression from the whites. It was characterized by civil resistance campaigns and nonviolent protest of extending equal rights to everyone without racial discrimination. The civil rights movement did not fully achieve their intended objectives, but it made efforts that led to legal rights improvements. The government became more responsive during the 1930s to 1960s because of racial discrimination that led to civil disobedience acts thus contributing to the crisis.

The government became more responsive between the periods of 1930s to 1960s because of varied reasons. First, due to racial discrimination of the black people, the black leaders adopted nonviolent resistance called civil disobedience. Some of the civil disobedience employed included the boycotts especially the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama City that became successful. This led to crisis in U.S between the government authorities and the black leaders. The federal authorities, state as well as the local government were forced to act with an immediate response in order to end the crisis. In 1954, the Supreme Court made a decision, which outlawed discrimination in education and the Montgomery Bus Boycott that ended in the 1960s (Winters, 2000). The movement established many organizations such as Congress of Racial Equality, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and many other associations that aimed to protect the rights of the Africans Americans.

In addition, the case of the Rosa Parks that took place in earlier December 1955 to 1956 made the government more responsive in this era. Rosa who is considered the mother of this movement encouraged the government to react towards the discrimination of the black people. The laws in some states such as Alabama discriminated the black people because the black were supposed to stand up in the bus and give in their sits to the whites. However, Rosa refused to stand up and leave the white passenger to sit. Eventually, she was arrested and convicted for violating the law. This case of bus boycotts sparkled war that led to deaths of many people. This event occurred because many Africans felt that they were so much discriminated thus Rosa and some blacks decided to violate the local regulation. This event led to the movement of the civil rights because of nonviolence protest that led to successful Civil Rights Movement (Winters, 2000).

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