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SUBJECT: Rocky Mountain Mutual


Rocky Mountain Mutual Company is a real estate organization that owns various housing properties. The owners of that firm came up with the idea of developing a gym and are currently ensuring that this idea is progressive. The purpose of the gym is to promote the welfare of the surrounding community, encourage interactions between the employees of the company, and offer those benefits involving health by enabling them to be physically fit. The benefits reduced the firm’s expenditure because there was a reduction in health expenses. Despite the stated benefits, there are concerns that have been brought up by some employees and members of the surrounding community on its existence.

Benefits of the Rocky Mountain Gymnasium Centre

The construction of the gymnasium was completed and readily put into use. Employees used the facilities depending on their scheduled free time. For example, some employees would arrive very early in the morning and stop by to exercise before going to work. However, most of them preferred to use the facility after work because they considered it as a great way of relaxing after a long day of work. After some time, employee observation was done and a change in employee performance was realized. The workers became more motivated in doing their jobs and this was proven by an increased productivity in their output.

It was also realized that the cost of employee health decreased with a huge difference because of the activities that took place that enabled them to maintain body fitness. In addition, employee work co-operation highly improved because the gymnasium centre was also a place they could interact with one another by sharing work experiences and new ideas. For example, when the employees would meet in the centre, they would interact and ask each other questions concerning their areas of work and would in turn offer each other advice on how to progress in their performance.

The employees found a place they could release stress and frustrations they got from challenges faced at the work place and this encouraged positive energy at the work place because they would report when their minds were relaxed and hence energized enough to perform in the work place. As a result, the company’s productivity of output by the employees started progressing.

Concerns for the Operation of Rocky Mountain Mutual Gym Centre

A few top officials raised concerns about the operation of the gym because its costs were too high. The company used over a million dollars to build the centre and still uses more additional costs for its maintenance including employee salary costs, replacement of broken equipment together with equipment repair. They argued that all these costs added together exceeded the increased amount of the company’s income.

Another concern that was brought up was the lack of enough employee participation and utilization of the facility. From when the centre was opened, it is reported that a third of the employee’s population were the ones spotted regularly at the gym. However, the organization came up with groups that would support this activity. As much as those officials were complaining about the profit of the company, other marketing representatives of the firm came up with the idea of collaborating with health organizations and product companies in deals that contributed largely to the firm. For example, organizations that produce health products such as energy drinks would rent the centre for hosting events for promoting health fitness and doing commercials for marketing their products.

After analyzing the benefits and concerns of the gym centre, it is only necessary to support its operation continuity because the benefits outweigh the concerns and therefore it is more of a valuable asset than a liability to the organization.

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