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Choosing a Vocation




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Choosing a Vocation

Choosing a vocation can be very challenging for relatively most of the people. Most people either fall in their vocation by chance, circumstance or peer pressure. Choosing a vocation should be a planned organized thing. Choosing a vocation has major implications in one’s life; this include your financial future, where you will live, job security, level of personal satisfaction and the personal growth and development in your area of specification. There are various factors to consider while choosing a vocation, which include both personal and environmental factors rating the relative importance of each factor.

It is important to ask yourself what you intend to gain after determining your vocational choice. The vocation you choose is likely to be taking a few hours of your day everyday and therefore it should be something you enjoy. Therefore, it is significant for me to choose a field that would fit my talents and skills. In that way, am able to grow professionally and become proficient in my talents. I would also consider my personality; being a people’s person, I would choose a field where I can interact freely with others (Berk, 2009).

The basic salary or the expected bonuses are necessities when choosing a career. It is important that I live comfortably with a salary that is able to cater for all my expenses and needs. Apart from the salary, it is important to look at the benefits that come along with the job. These include vacations, health insurance, continuing my education, childcare among other benefits. I should also be aware of how frequent I am to attain a promotion and what criterion is put into consideration for the position.

The world has evolved and given equal opportunities to both men and women. As much as the opportunity is not limited to any gender, I should consider the strain involved (Berk, 2009). For example, mechanical jobs would require work force and not all women could handle the weight carried around. It would be in my personal interest to choose a career that will favor my abilities and strain them.

Before identifying a career path, it is important to have knowledge of the formal training and how much of it will be required before my entry into the profession. I should consider my long-term goals and be able to know if I will be required to attain a certain academic level or upgrade my skills by pursuing an additional course to get to a certain rank. In that way, it will be easier for me to plan carefully on how I will achieve the given requirements.

Surveying the job market is a very vital step in choosing a vocation. I have to put into consideration the job market and its demands. However, what is on demand now would not have a relative value in five to ten years to come. My job security is virtually important, as I focus on the demand in the job market. I should ask myself if the job market is shrinking or expanding. Therefore, it is important to focus on my decision with the future in mind (Berk, 2009). It is a waste of time studying something only to realize after my graduation that the course I pursued or my career choice is no longer in demand.

It is relevant to identify if I will be working in an office related environment or in the field; is the job data related or people oriented, comfortable or harsh. All this are important questions that I should ask myself before choosing the career or vocation. In whatever case, I should be able to adjust to the situation and be most comfortable with my surroundings. My career choice should make me have an idea of what will happen when I want to relocate or travel. Extensive travelling may limit the time I spend with my family. On the other hand, often relocation is also unsettling for the family, as the children will have to change schools every time I relocate to a different state or town (Berk, 2009) .My career choice should enable me to gain a high level of responsibility. I should be able to be accountable of losses, errors, wrong judgment and even the management of the financial resources and expenses.




















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