What have you learned about group decision making because of the origami RFP Bid project?

Group decision making is very important because there is ease in decision-making. This came as result of listening to the opinions of the members that I was working with. Through this way, I took the benefit of the varied strengths and qualified skills of my members. By getting these distinctive ideas of my group members, it was possible to bring forth several numbers of advanced options that facilitated efficiency. Therefore, a wider number of excellence options brought forth made it possible for us to solve a wider variety of problems. This collective decision-making may also lead to unity in creating a common perspective. The resulting agreement makes it possible for a quicker execution of the decision. For instance, to come up with the best design of folding stars, as a group we had to work in a consensus regarding the best option. Through this collective decisions making, there uphold an intellectual feeling of possessiveness. This feeling contributes greatly in bringing reception of the guiding principle and to bring greater individual obligation towards achieving the common goal. Therefore, every one having the chance to bring forth his or her intellectual skills and knowledge, the project can succeeds. This collective thinking saves time and energy for it provides variety of alternatives to choose.

What have you learned about your own team skills as you participated in this project?

Team skills are important for they enhance division of work that helps to accomplish the work in desired time. For instance, in our case we had a lot of work that individuals could not finish at a glance. Therefore, teamwork was important in ensuring we have come up with the best ideas. Team skills promote establishment of good communication and harmony for they transform personal ideas to go beyond into a cooperative requirement. In addition, team skills bring specialization where people will work in areas they fit with incorporation of talents. The other importance is the individual growth catered for as the group advances.

What are your weaknesses and strengths as they relate to your team skills?

As the entire project was analyzed in English, my worst challenge included language barrier that come about because English was my second language. This in addition became difficult because I was an international student and I could not understand everything although after I inquired from my teammates, I overcame that challenge. Besides, it took time for me to establish a relationship with my teammates. My strength evolved when I had linked with fellow mates. This linking resulted to the accomplishment of my project where I was able to finish folding stars during the class period. This success was through motivation in the group that enabled us to work within time limits and by following the right procedure.

Describe how your team handled the interpersonal problem.

In our group, we did not experience interpersonal problems. However, in case it cropped up, we could have handled it with mutual consensus. Through this way, we could have identified the problem and come up with the root cause. This method is important because it helps in maintaining the harmony in the group. In situations whereby there are interpersonal problems, it is always important to listen to the effected person. This allows room to relieve tension among the group members. By listening also, there is chances of coming up with a solution because in some instances people require attention in order to feel appreciated. Therefore, by recognizing the team members, this brings a mood of cohesion and harmony among the members.

Explain how the RFP Bid project relates specifically to your major (and remind me what your major is)?

The RFP Bid project relates specifically to our major because we were in the position of managers. Therefore, as managers we were to manage time by ensuring that the bid is within the stipulated time limit. In this way, the time would help us set the phase in which the project would take for it to be accomplished. In addition, as managers we were to site our work because it is important to select a suitable site that will enhance the progress of our project. The effectiveness of the project was enhanced in the course of management determining the cost effective bid. This way, as manager we had to ensure that we work within the economic basis of our project. In addition, we were able to site our workstation in such a way that we had a cycle of time. We got the cycle of time through a workstation diagram that was approximately 25 seconds Task Time        Idle 1  A,B,D 20.84  4.16 2 C,E,F,G,H,I     24.11  0.89 3 J,K1-K5,L       20.32  4.68  Total = 9.73 seconds .This cycle helped us in optimization through which there was balance of workload in our station.



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