Smoking Mirrors in the Inner City






Smoking Mirrors in the Inner City

Capitalism has materially affected the lifestyles as well as influenced those living in America. The American capitalist system is believed to have caused more harm than good to the economy. This is because the capitalism system is more dominant in the western world; thus, it is highly linked with crime rates. The youths from the disadvantaged neighborhood have moved into the American society thus increased crimes. This is due to a high rate of unemployment thus involving themselves in illegal activities in order to generate more income for survival. The social disorganization theory explains the way street crimes are rampant in the neighborhood level. These street crimes are being contributed by the capitalist system of America as explained in the social disorganization theory.

The street gang in America is not a reflection of the American capitalist system, but it is due to the environment created by the capitalist system because of the diverse reasons. First, from the explanation provided by Edwin Sutherland on the concept of social disorganization, increased street gangs are accompanied by preliterate and transformation of peasant societies. Sutherland believes that mobility as well as economic competition that accompanied capitalist in the American society due to the industrial revolution had been responsible for street gangs. Additionally, he also believed that social disorganization contribute to cultural and social conflicts thus end up supporting antisocial criminal behavior. Since the society is organized around a group, it permits crimes to be persistent in the society. Thus, a society that is well organized and exercises law, eliminates crime (Roberts and Grossman, 2000).

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