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Songs and Immigration

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Songs and Immigration

Many people encounter tribulations moving across international borders because of certain hindrances. One particular concern revolves around the fact that some people fail to make across the border due to race-related issues while others because of corrupt immigration officers who may want some form or bribe to facilitate how a person moves across the border (Trost and Wanke 5). However, whereas such social injustices continue to prevail, it is apparent that many people suffer the effects of the restriction. Music composers have emerged to address the social problem through their compositions that address the matter through creative approaches. Using images may also help to acquire additional insight into the issue of immigration.

The image shows people who come from different racial backgrounds entering what appears to be an airport with one person holding a paper written “Welcome Muslims”. The image stands for how racial difference is a leading factor that determines whether a person may encounter hurdles passing across the border or not. The image stands for how corruption is a possible cause for encountering problems passing through international borders. It signifies one of the areas that require considerable attention from various stakeholders to mitigate the challenge of passing across international borders that end up inconveniencing certain people.   
The image illustrates how music serves as a powerful avenue for addressing the social problem and for urging responsible groups to take measures that would avoid further mistreatment and oppression. The image represents the voice of various artists who have come out boldly to express their displeasure with how some immigration officers handle their work.   The image shows that it is possible to deal with the problem of moving from one border to the other with effective production and implementation of policies that facilitate the movement.  

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