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When writing the sonnet daydream, I began with the introduction. The first verse sets the tone for the rest of the poem. In the first verse, I clearly declared that I had no worries because I am a dreamer. This explains to the reader of the poem that though there are many things that I should be worried about, I will not do so because I am a dreamer. Though I am glad that worries do not last forever, the unfortunate thing is that dreams do not last forever either. In a five-paragraph essay, the writer uses the introductory paragraph to capture the reader’s attention so that he or she can get involved in the essay and perhaps relate to it. This paragraphs acts as a summary since it tells the reader about the content of the essay. The last paragraph in the introductory paragraph acts as a link to the second paragraph. In the sonnet, the last sentence states that, “nothing disturb because I’m a dreamer.” This shows that the second paragraph will begin by expounding the meaning of the last line of the first verse.

In the second verse, I open up to the reader as I explain the object of my dream. I start the first sentence by describing what it is that makes me a dreamer. The first sentence states, “thinking up the perfect girl in my dreams.” In this sentence, I introduce the reader to my thoughts and dreams. I describe my dream by stating what it looks like and to what extent I would go to obtain my dream. In the body of the essay, the first paragraph contains the strongest argument, the most significant example or the cleverest illustration. Though this is a sonnet, the same principles still apply. The first sentence in this verse connects with the last sentence of the introductory verse. I continue to illustrate the object of my dream in the next two lines and in the last verse; I illustrate to the reader the importance of this dream by noting that, “for her to be mine, I’ll do many things.”

In the third verse, the last line does not act as a transitional hook. I have not explained which things I would do so that I can get the girl. I have instead chosen to bring the readers back to reality by reminding them that what I was describing was just a dream; that it was my fantasy. At the end of the verse, I declare that I have lost the girl who was the object of my fantasies. The second paragraph in the body illustrates the second strongest argument, second most significant example or the second cleverest illustration. I did not fail to do this in the sonnet. I began the verse by observing that, “even though they’re lots of pretty ladies, they are always all just a big pantomime.” This argument is strong and it illustrates why I dream of the perfect girl. The last line of this verse acts as a transitional hook and it is explained by the reverse hook in the next verse.

The last verse of the sonnet is two lines long, unlike the other verses, which are four lines long. I start by explaining that because I have lost the girl of my fantasies, I am now feeling depressed as I face the real world. I was earlier on protected from the feelings of depression and worry because I was in a dream – in a state of fantasy. However, I now have to come back to reality and face the fact that I do not have the girl who occupies my dreams and my fantasies. I am however not willing to live in a depressed and sad state but I am willing to look for that girl and keep her by my side.

The last paragraph in a five-paragraph essay is usually the conclusion. It acts as an allusion to the pattern used in the introductory paragraph, restates the thesis statement, provides a summary of the other paragraphs and gives the reader a final statement that shows that the discussion has ended. Since this is a sonnet and not a conventional essay, I have skipped some of the roles of this paragraph. This is because I have to maintain the rhythm that I had set at the beginning of the essay and I have to maintain the features and elements of writing poetry. The last line however makes it clear that I have ended the sonnet.

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