South Delaware Coors Case

South Delaware Coors Case







South Delaware Coors Case


The Coors case looks promising looking at the several studies carried out that show Coors beer as a high quality product form the customers’ perspective. Within the industry, the products of Coors are selling well, with majority of consumers and retailers agreeing that they intend to buy their products. In addition, its market share has been growing although at a slow pace, but this is promising in terms of business. This paper seeks to make a decision on whether Larry should go ahead with the distributorship through a customer analysis, industry analysis, market share projection, capital needed and costs involved.

Customer analysis 

Form the research conducted concerning customers of Coors; the results show that a distributorship would be worth investing in. 70% of the interviewed customers said they were certain about their intentions to by products from Coors, with 11.2% citing they might, 6.9% not sure, 1.8% may not, while only 10.1% are certain they will not. Looking at the past, 621% said they had consumed Coors, which is a positive attitude form the consumers for the products. In addition, 48.8% of the consumers like the products wile a few are indifferent with other not liking it. Its products are also considered to have good tastes, and of upper class and a little expensive. Statistics also show that consumers prefer buying more from supermarkets, meaning that if a whole sale will not be selling to supermarkets, it is about to loose 65.5% of the share.

Industry analysis

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