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Stakeholders Influence on Programs







Stakeholders Influence on Programs

In any program designed to help the community, there are stakeholders involved, or people who influence and are influenced by the program. All the stakeholders have some impact on the program since they all have to be present for it to perform. Stakeholders in a community program such as the PEACE Domestic Violence include the staff, administration, the community or people it is directed to, and the sponsors or funding institution. Each of the mentioned stakeholders has a direct influence on the program. However, the most critical need for such a program to run is the funds, considering the money is not meant to make any profits. Hence, the funding stakeholder has much influence on the program. However, the money is of no use if there are no people in need of the service provided and if there are no people to manage and undertake the practical work of delivering services. Hence, the other stakeholders are also influential on the program (Finkenflügel, 2004).

As much as all stakeholders have some impact on the program, the funding company has more influence. The funding stakeholders influence the design of a program because he is the source of money to be used for programs. The amount of money the provided determines what the program can include since they will always want their expectations to be achieved. The sponsor influences the program through describing what the program should be like at the end (Stoll-Kleemann, 2006). However, some compromise can be made for the program may not be designed to support everything the funding institution aims to achieve. On the other hand, the program could be forced to incorporate other needs in the program to meet some of its goals. For instance, in the violence program under review, the funding institution would request the program to include those individuals suffering from other forms of violence such as assault if it is not included.

Funding institution

The funding institution in this case is the National Foundation’s funding program Supporting Families that aims at promoting the well-being of young men, women and children who have been through domestic violence. The institution works with human service organizations, which are non-profit making through funding them to meet its goals. The funding institution aims at reducing such violence through the provision of services and increasing awareness through education to improve the quality of their life, including those in prisons. Hence, its expectations will influence the program since they will provide the funds if only thy meet their goals. The expectations of the funding institution at the end of the program will be to see that people are aware of violence issues through the education provided; domestic violence has reduced significantly, and improved lives for those affected by domestic violence. This will affect the program planning directly. Since the funding institution will be seeking to make these improvements, the plan implemented must be tailored to meet these expectations. For instance, to meet the expectation of creating awareness in the community concerning domestic violence, the program will require to have classes to those who enroll and probably posters to increase the awareness. The program in this case is the REACH program in Portland that aims at reducing domestic violence through education. Hence, in terms of the funding organization, their goals would be met since they are in congruence. At the end of the program, there should be an evaluation, where the results can be compared to when the program was not yet implemented.

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