‘Success’ is My Abstract Concept



‘Success’ is My Abstract Concept
















‘Success’ is My Abstract Concept

Different words have diverse uses in various contexts. Some of the dynamics that leads to different pronunciations or meanings of the same word in various contexts is the word stress. For instance, the word ‘desert’ can have more than one meaning. When the first syllable is emphasized, ‘de’sert’ it means to abandon or leave. However, when the last syllable is stressed to have ‘desert’’, it means a wide extensive area with scanty vegetation andpetite or no water.Punctuation also leads to different meanings. The statement ‘let eat’ and ‘let’s eat’, have two totally unalike meanings.

The word success is thought to have originated in the 1530’s from the Latin word ‘suceessus’ meaning attained as desired. However, this word was recorded in the late 1580’s. . Since from then, the word ‘Success’ have been used toderive diverse denotations as intended by speakers. The use of this word is governed by various situation and junctures of usage, based on descriptive or proscriptive rules of word usage. Some of the popular and common uses of the word success include the following. As a noun, the word is used to mean or to indicate attainment of a given goal. Particularly in the education field, the word is greatly used. Whenever someone has completed a certain degree or grade, people took about, ‘i have attained success in my masters’. The use of this word in this setting is governed by the presence of a given process. In order to have success in the masters, you must have gone through the undergraduate levels. This delivers descriptive meaning. It is impossible to have success in masters if one did not undergo the undergraduates. Meaning, it is a norm that one have to attain success in the previous grade or point in order to do well in the next.‘Success’ is also used in the performance and art arena. This is also a measure of determining whether the goals that were set have been attained and if so, people always took about something been a success. For instance, whenever someone has just delivered an effective speech or just conducts a performance that wins the crowd, the word success is used whenever referring to those actions. For example, ‘his performance was a prompt success’. It is notable that the use of this word in this context is governed by the presence of a prescriptive or a given norm. In addition, the word success is also used whenever people want to mean that they have attained certain status or level of self-actualization. People use this word to refer to others or themselves whenever they feel they have accumulated considerably good wealth or certain position. ‘I am a success’, is a common phrase used whenever people want to refer to individual excellence. The use in this context is governed by the descriptive rule. Meaning, various actions must have been done to guarantee the success.

Apart from having wide and variety of usage, the word success is also misused. Whenever people feel that a certain action will go in their way. They always use the word success. For example, one starts a new business and just refers to it as a success. There are two options, either the business to boom or fail and no any is guaranteed. Therefore, in this context, the usage of this word lacks the normative of descriptive drive that governs the use of any word. Therefore, it is upon the speakers to ensure the right usage in order to warrant effective talks.


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