Sexual Behaviors, Values and Relationships

Gender Differences and Sexual Behavior

Sexual behavior is usually quite different as you move from one gender to the next. This is because there are certain specific traits, which are related to either sex, which move on to affect the roles that we take when it comes to sexual behavior. These gender roles can be explained as the expected behavior of the different genders (Williams, 101). This includes their attitudes as well as their societal activities. Gender role is also dependent on culture. Research has proved that the male gender when compared with its female counterparts is more likely to have engaged in sexual intercourse before the end of their adolescent years (Bloodsworth-Lugo, 23). The women on the other hand, usually possess more self-control and many equate sexual intimacy to affection. However, this is not usually the case with men; therefore, they become more inclined to respond to coercion for sex as well as pressure from their peers. The sexual behavior in the male and females is also different in that the former consider the strength of the relationship and sexual intercourse to be positively correlated, while the latter do no agree with this line of thought.

Relationships with Social Institutions

The relationship, which is present between a person and their social institutions, plays a very huge role in determining their sexual behavioral trends. This is because the same institutions provide use with the knowledge on sex and sex education in general. It is from these institutions that people learn all about sex, whether it is positive or negative. Many times, a positive sex education source would include; parents, teachers, and peer counselors (Horton, 24). On the other hand, a negative sex education source includes the media and peers. This is because the former will provide information that is true and realistic, while the latter only want to sell the product sex, therefore making it more attractive, and consequently avoiding the downfalls of early sexual behavior.

The relationship that one has with different institutions; for example in my case, I live with my family when am not in school; has also been seen to bring about a change in the sexual behavior of a person. The knowledge I have obtained on the matters of sexuality mainly stem from the several discussions that I have had with my parents. Becoming aware of your sexuality is very important as it helps one to be able to avoid suffering from genetic identity disorders, where there sexual orientation begins to change from what is normal (Lampinen. 56). The genetic identity disorders have led to the escalation of gay tendencies as well as transvestitetism.


As a young adult of twenty-one years, several factors have greatly influenced my sexual behavior. All these factors have either had a positive impact or a negative impact on my sexual attitudes and consequently on my sexual behavior. They include; psychological and biological factors within my being; the proximal relationships I have with my family as well as my peers and my socio-cultural contexts that include school, media and most importantly my Judaism religion. Although I have adopted much from the different areas of my life, my religion and beliefs have played a major role in my sexual behavior. What I believe is that although we are sexual beings, we are still vessels of the Almighty and it is therefore necessary that we maintain sexual purity until we are married.





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