Website Design

            Considering that this will be a personal website giving detail of a resume, its main goal is to market the person fully to potential employers, who may be interested in the services that the person may offer, hence, a personal website could reach out to more potential employers, than paper resumes could. With a personal website, one can stand out among the rest when it comes to searching for a job, and using a website, one can give more information about him or herself in an easier manner, and at the same time, reach out to many potential employers at the same time with much less costs.

Another goal of this website is to provide quick information about the qualifications and abilities of the person academically and experience wise, and at the same time, offer an easier means of instant contact with the employer. With a website, one can easily provide information to the potential employers about his achievements academically, professionally, and other things that might be relevant to the particular industry. More so, one can learn more about his or her weakness when comments from others are made. With a website, one stands a better chance of displaying his or her skills and abilities to more people. The overall goal of this website is marketing one self to the industry in which one wishes to capture.

From the above goals, considering that it is meant to market a person’s resume, the main expected results are contacts from potential employers or users of your service, who might be interested in your services. If the website is successful, one must expect to be contacted, by several people, who should have read from the website, and may want the services of the owner of the website. The results I may want to see from the website about the information uploaded would be under the following working tittles in each page.


            Under this working title, the results I want to see are general information contained in the site, including working titles, which to access more information. Under this working title, I expect to introduce myself briefly, including my name, and in one statement of a few, state what I do. In addition, from this working title I expect to provide information about my current position, what I am doing, whether employed or not, and what I am engaged in. Lastly, t this page, I expect to include the purpose of the website, and state what I might want from the user, such a chance to find out what services they are looking for, and the available opportunities.


            Under this topic, I expect to post my resume, which includes my professional qualification, ranging from my academic achievements, to professional experience and other professional related experiences. At the start, I expect to give detailed information about my academic qualification for the particular industry, including others that may not be directly relevant to the industry, but serve to decorate my resume highly. More on this page will include, other qualifications to the particular field, awards scooped, and honors, as well as certification. There will be professional related experience, about the places I have worked and other work experience


            In this page, there will be more detailed information about my self, where I would provide more details about what I am doing, talk more about what I would love to do, my personal attributes and a reflective information about my experiences in the industry. In addition, I would state what my goals in life are, how I intend to achieve them in brief, and what motivates or drives me towards this industry, and what I would love it to be in future.


In this page, there will be information about the way to get in tough with me, in case there is any question, more information needed, and in case one thinks of hiring me. Today, communication has changed; therefore, I would provide several contacts through which I can be reached, such as email, postal address, fax, telephone, and through social sites such as twitter and Facebook.

Hire Me

In this page, there will be information about how to hire me, such as how to arrange for an interview, or an appointment, and when I could be available. In addition, I would mention any limitations that might be there such as handicapped, or in case, I need anything in my work.

Information Needed

For the information needed for each pages, there would have to be facts, such as certificates and recommendation from past companies I have worked in, to verify the information is true. Information about the resume page, academic credentials will be needed, so that rather than having to drop them under request, one can provide a URL address, to be viewed online, and the same applies to the recommendations about working experiences. Most of the information in this website considering it is personal, will require coming from the person himself, especially the text.

The graphics for this website will need to be eye catching in order to capture the attention of the reader, or users. Some of the graphics needed are such as background colors, the bullets, bars, webmasters and logos, buttons available for clicking to a link, and more. This graphics can be gotten from royalty-free multimedia, which provides pictures and samples of graphics used. In this website, information about graphics is needed, for putting the pages in good order that will appeal to the users, such as good use of background to put borders that separate different information, such as headings. More so, the font will need to be visible, the appropriate size and color. Having such information is important for the web design, and it can be easily gotten from the royalty-free multimedia sites.

Website Layout at Home Page


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