The Usefulness of the E-library

The e-library is in deed useful in helping a student keep current with most relevant academic content give the speed of access and availability. Articles on the E-library are accessible months before print since electronic posting is faster. Consequently, information relevant to a student’s academic content can be quickly updated. This is complimented enhanced searching abilities of the E-library. The implications of this include a more focused search and for experimenting students, the possibility of redundancy of experiments is reduced since the search can indicate previous attempts. The idea of previous attempts and access is important for it facilitates the reviewing of academic content efficiently. Previous students and academic staff who have accessed the sources have the opportunity to give instant reviews and comment to aid subsequent users in gauging the usefulness as well as relevancy of the academic content to a students interest. This leads to another use of the E-library namely the interactivity between readers and users of academic information.

Given location and shipment differentials, the E-library has increased the accessibility to academic information since the costs associated with journal subscriptions are negated. An implication of this is increased variety available for academic reference. In addition, this is considerate to students living far from the library since with a computer one can access information. Another vital advantage associated with the E-library is linking. Most of the source available are linked to other relevant or reference source via linking. This is imperative in ascertaining the academic quality of the sources as well as in citing these An extra merit of the E-library is the possibility of added value where source available electronically usually have added features of animations as well as other virtually interactive models such as charts. Accordingly, source at the e-library can be termed as fast evolving in comparison to print sources. Cumulatively the E-library is inexpensive as compared to the print library option while possessing enhanced speed and access capabilities. The implication is students academic lives made easier and more efficient

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