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Dan Brown “Angel & Demons”


In the Novel Angels & Demons, the story surrounds Robert Langdon who is a symbolist that has been asked to research on a certain symbol discovered on the chest of a physicist after his death. In his quest, he discovers more than his original assignment. The novel Angels &Demons revolves around the secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati. The Illuminati is considered the most powerful underground organization that has ever existed on the face of the earth. The secret brotherhood awakens from its shadows to have it’s avenge to its most abhorred foe the Catholic Church. Langdon joins forces with Vendetta, an Italian scientist, to assist in the bid of survival of the Vatican City from an unstoppable bomb has been located at its center.

The novel revolves around sealed encrypted symbols that have been in existence for four hundred years and in which lays the hope to save the Vatican.

Dan Brown’s life influence on Angels & Demons

Dan Brown was not only influenced by Mathematics but he is equally sensitive to religion. In his book, Angels & Demons there is a display of conflict between Religion and Science. In his case, religion overrules science and not vice versa. As he displays his Story, Dan Brown uses the two phenomena as a complimentary of each other (Brown 39). The two are destined for a common end. It is not specific where Dan’s sensitivity to religion is drawn from. He considers himself a Christian; he describes Christianity as a life long journey in progress. In his book Angels & Demons and its continued sequel The Da Vinci Code, Dan displays Langdon as a character that wants to believe in God but his belief contests his admiration and love on Vittoria Vetta. In his descriptions, the author is inclined to religion. On a background check of Dan’s life, we notice that his proclivity is linked to his mother’s devotion.

Dan combines both his parents’ belief systems in his book. His father is described as being rational and scientific while his mother on the other hand nourished him spiritually and with moral values. The combination of the two systems set his fundamental principles in life and adopted in his works (Giorgi, Stefano, and Frongia 347). However, we cannot link all this to his belief system and his interests to his parents. As he matured, other forces influenced him and shaped him to what he is today. In his writing, Dan Brown really values a higher authority; this is expressed by the Catholic Church or the Government.

His main character Langdon is described as a graduate from his former school. He acknowledges that his English attained from Exeter Academy improved his writing skills (Brown 127). As much as he had no idea of being a writer back then, he still links his skill to the school. In his books, Brown has supplementary characters in his works named after faculty affiliates in Exeter. The influence that Exeter has on his writing is significant in that it shows that his intellectual and writing ability was achieved when he attended this school. We notice that Exeter was part of his success.

The author Dan Brown, did not start his career as a writer, we notice that he tried other avenues that were not successful before settling on writing. Dan was first an English and Spanish teacher before he got into the music industry as a songwriter (Brown 17). This too never went quite well with him. He later settled as an English teacher in which, his mind drifted towards the direction of fiction writing. As an English teacher, he had to read many novels to acquire knowledge on the literature scope. His career as a teacher influenced his interest in writing.


We notice that Brown indulges in adventure and travel; he has studied art history in the University of Seville in Spain. This plays a major part in his book because in most of his writings, Dan has surrounded his themes around art and symbols. This explains the pieces of art in the book Angels & Demons. The information he displays in the book about the Illuminati may not necessarily be true but his artistic nature makes his work intriguing and is linked to familiar symbols.















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