Elements of Drama

From the given excerpts, the mother is depicted as a concerned woman for her daughter. Amanda lives in a past world and is afraid to face reality. This is clearly visible in the way she presents her ideas and how she expects her daughter to be. For Amanda’s role, I would choose the actor Meryl Streep since she is a versatile actor and she executes her roles well. Streep can handle dramatic roles and this would be ideal for the scene where Amanda is confronting Laura for quitting business school. Amanda seems to exaggerate her sadness at her daughter’s refusal to attend business school, and the fact that she does not have a boyfriend. Meryl Streep has proven that she can deliver dramatic effects and roles in acting, and this is seen in her role in the movie, Sophie’s Choice. Sandra Bullock would play the role of Laura. She executes her roles perfectly. In the excerpt, Laura is seen as an honest yet funny woman. This role would fit Bullock perfectly.

The play would be set in a nice little house, probably a cottage. Amanda would confront Laura in the bedroom, which is designed to her taste. The cottage would comprise of a simple bed and a writing desk with a typewriter. A shelf or a cabinet would be an excellent store for Laura to place her glass objects. The walls would be covered with wallpaper painted blue roses, mounted with posters of young female celebrities, probably the same age as Laura. The yearbook would be kept on a bedside drawer next to the table. A musical accompaniment for the scene would be helpful in portraying the atmosphere at the given particular time. Before Amanda’s arrival, the music played should be peaceful and pleasant to listen to, probably soft rock. After Amanda arrives, the music should be altered to reflect the change in the atmosphere. It would be good if it increase the tempo to reflect the conflict between the two women. The music should however change into something romantic, probably blues, when Laura is talking about Jim.

The conflict in the Glass Menagerie is between mother and daughter. In the excerpt, Laura is depicted as the protagonist in the play, and although her mother does not oppose all her actions, she does not agree with everything that Laura does. Laura defines the plot of the story since her actions trigger the conflict within the scene. The antagonist in the play should be other exterior forces that the family fails to accord proper handling. Laura cannot help but be shy; her disabled condition acts as a constraint in various aspects. Although she views herself as a handicap, her mother does not regard her in this manner. The conflict between the two women is realistic; in modern times, it is not a requirement for girls to get married in order to achieve a higher wellbeing. However, parents want and hope for the best for their children. Contention occurs because children also have a mind of their own and executing this it termed as disobedience. This is the same predicament between Laura and Amanda. The main the play is the conflict between Amanda and her children. A supporting theme is avoiding or evading reality, especially in Amanda’s case. She does not seem to accept the fact that her daughter has physical limitations because of her disability.



Jane and Sam are walking towards the school cafeteria talking about the lesson they had in class when Dave catches up with them

Dave: Hey, so what do you think of the president’s initiative concerning the health bill?

Sam: What health bill?

Dave: Do you not listen to the news?

Sam: I really do not care much about it.

Jane: (looking at Sam) Well you should. I am just pleased that I will be covered by my parents insurance until I am twenty-five.

Sam: (Shrugging his shoulders) I don’t get sick much so I don’t see what the big deal is anyway.

Dave: I am just annoyed that it is mandatory for everyone to get his or her health insurance; I mean… what about the people who do not even visit the hospital or those who cannot even afford it? I think the government has gone too far this time.


They enter the cafeteria and pay for their food. They head towards the back where there are empty seats and begin having their lunch

Jane: Think about it guys, I do not think it is that bad, in fact, I think that it contains many good ideas to help the underprivileged people.

Dave: You know what annoys me most is that we do not even have the power to make any decision or make our voice heard.

Sam:  Really? And what would you say if you were given the platform to speak?

Dave: I really do not know much but what I do know is that I am not ready to pay for any insurance. I mean the government does not even care that there are no jobs. What are we expected to do when we leave school?

Sam: (quietly) Start your own job.

Jane: (raising her voice) I have had it with both of you! People like you are only good at pointing out the problems and flaws in government but also never offer any solution and you are always complaining! Arrghhh!

Sam: Be real people….are we only going to spend our lunchtime arguing about insurance and the government?

Jane: (Interrupting) It is time that you got interested in some of these matters…you might not need insurance but what about your children?

Sam: (chocking on his food) What children? I don’t think I like the direction this conversation is taking…


Other students in the nearby tables look towards their direction       

Dave: She is talking about the future, you know, when you get married…

Sam: Why didn’t you say so?

Jane: Look guys…the point is, someone related to you might have a condition such as autism or some other complicated thing and you might not have the money then. The health insurance would be a sure way to guarantee that they get the required treatment.

Sam: Come on people, enough said. We need to get out of here.

Jane: I just hope that you two consider what we have talked about…

Dave: Well… I still don’t like it one bit, but do I have a choice anyway?


They finish their food and they walk out of the cafeteria


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