Contrary to common misconception, death should be feared. The philosophical notion broken into six premises where the last deduction states death should not be feared is weak in light of the second premises. The second premises state there is no sense experience in death since good and bad are subject to perception. It seems true due to the lack of physical perception typifying death. The death can neither love, hate or perceive as much as temperature changes due to absence of physical consciousness. Menoeceus supports this by defining death as the privation of sense experience (Menoeceus, 29).

However, Lucretius in the 840 segment admits there is more than just physical form to a person where there is a soul and mind that he notes are “married” to the body. His query lies in establishing whether it is possible for the soul or the mind to perceive or sense away from the body. This is can be answered if one considers instances where one hurts emotionally due to a loss, disappointment or heartbreak. This implies physical sense is not a prerequisite of pain in the soul. Thus due to uncertain nature of the soul existing beyond physical death, fear is inherent when a person thinks about death.

Additionally fear of death is not constrained to lack or presence of sense at death but encompasses the death process itself and impact of a person’s death on others. Thus even if there was no sense in death, the fear can still be validated. Montaigne illustrates this by expressing his desire to die in a quiet and insensible manner while noting his sadness as he witnessed splendid careers ending. He further indicates by stating the goal of living as to attain pleasure that a person strives for pleasure while alive due to an inherent awareness it is not possible in death. Consequently, if persons strive for pleasure while alive, fearing death is logical since it takes away their ability to pursue and enjoy pleasures.

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