University Admission Essay

It is indeed an honor and pleasure to apply for admission at Pepp University. This is because I  relate to your high standards of academic excellence as well as the university’s high regard for strong Christian values. I grew up in a family of Protestant Christians and my desire is to become a good leader with a strong Christian background. Having graduated with good grades in high school, I wish to continue with my studies at your institution. This is because I have always desired to join a university that shapes students both academically and in faith. My aim is to grow spiritually as well as achieve high quality education. Indeed, besides achieving the highest grades possible, I also want to achieve my objectives of being a strong Christian, and the moral imperative to serve others sacrificially.

My wishing to join Pepp University is mostly because I want to integrate my faith and my learning. My desire is to study in your learning institution because the education process, which is combined with divine teaching, is fundamental to this integration. Additionally, studying in a learning environment where faith is integrated with learning is beneficial as students are well disciplined and above all, became disciplined persons in future. Therefore, I believe that in your institution, I will become a person of infinite dignity because of the spiritual commitment required in the school. Additionally, I will work extremely hard and achieve more knowledge that will ultimately help me to achieve my vision. My aim is to focus on studies as well as hard work, not forgetting participation in the community in respect to my faith.

I am prepared to contribute to the institution’s mission, studies, services and faith of the community through various ways. First, I am ready to get involved in a variety of activities with other students present in the institution. In terms of faith, I will ensure that I have shared with others the word of God so that every community member receives the message of God. I am prepared to join the student’s evangelical outreach program and work together towards supporting the school’s mission. Moreover, I will join such school services as the drama ministries because I am good at acting especially and can effectively relay the message in this format. This is because as Christians, my parents have been encouraged me to dedicate myself to the work of God. In my former school’s drama ministry, I was awarded the title of the most disciplined student in my college.

In addition, I am prepared to contribute to the mission of learning through working hard and participating in school diversity programs. I will work with other students diligently in order to provide multiplicity programming to diverse communities. I am prepared to work with students, teachers and all the staff members because I believe that when working as a team, it is easier to achieve success in the institution than when working alone. Therefore, I am ready to cooperate with students, various entities, departments and staff members towards promoting knowledge and gratitude of multiplicity issues. Additionally, in recreational activities, I am good at basketball so I will engage in this activity together with my fellow students during recreation time. This will enable us build a strong competitive team for those who would like to benefit from sport activities.

I believe that you will consider my application for admission to your institution. It will indeed be my pleasure if my admission is among the selected few. I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance.

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