Rationality in the Foreign Policy Decision-Making Process

            In making a decision, one requires to equip him or herself with knowledge about the subject in question. Intensive and careful assessment to come up with an ideal decision is of great assistance in such a situation. People and researchers have found ways in whose adherence can yield an ideal decision informed by careful evaluation. These ways are designed by psychologists to help humans in making rational decisions. To come up with a rational decision is influenced by careful steps in decision-making and this is affected by various factors.

In order to make a decision based on the best available reason, one needs to have an idea of what he or she intends to accomplish. In any circumstance that requires decision-making, the easiest way to start solving the issue is by identifying what one is looking forward to achieving. These help one to know the approach to employ in tackling the challenge guided by the goal or the intention for the task (Kaufman, 2011). Knowing what one wants leads them into looking for the best ways to get it without failing. These include considering the consequences and weighing to determine the worth of the course. One at this stage is able to identify his options and hence has a chance to examine and compare each option against the other.

When the situation is identified, it becomes easier to form a process of dealing with it after a careful attention on the alternative ways. One must exhaust all the available alternatives giving a careful attention to all of them and comparing the one that is more suitable. In this step, one is required to have enough information and come up with a criterion to get to the best available decision. After defining the criteria to be used, one must also consider all the possible results and determine which of the best results are as intended. This step is very important and useful as well as it gives one a clear picture of the issues and provides one with diverse options to solve the issue.

Every decision has a consequence and every solution has an advantage over the other. Examining the best solution involves looking at the other options and weighing their advantages against each other. By so doing, one gets to come out with the very best decision there can be in regards to the said situation. At this stage, a choice has to be made and a perfect choice is the best choice of the identified solutions. The best criterion is one that can be achieved and has a high likelihood to satisfy the initial need for the decision to be made.

However, there are factors that undermine rationality in the foreign policies’ decision-making. For instance, climatic conditions pose major challenges that are beyond human control. In such circumstances, the government may come up with a crisis foreign policy decision. Any occurrences that threaten the security and well-being of the people would prompt the government to react irrationally to protect the citizens (decision-making, 2011). Cultural belief’s and activities can greatly undermined rational decision making. When a community has taught its members to do things in a certain way, it becomes difficult to change these beliefs because the society upholds them. Changing their minds to reason otherwise is not an easy task to undertake, as the majority will choose to cling to their cultural practices.

Political loyalty is also an enemy of reason and rationality especially when it comes to matters that have crucial implications on a national scale. When it comes to voting for bills in parliament, rationality is usually undermined as leaders vote for bills; a particular alienation for or against the bill. Most of the leaders vote to show support for their parties rather than voting out of reason and understanding. This has seen many bills pass parliament and yet they were not good enough to attract any attention.

National security is a major challenge in many countries and the governments are responsible to maintain and keep its citizens from danger. With this responsibility and with every citizen looking up to the government to protect them is what drives the soldier in the government’s command to take military action against any invasion or threat. This would mean that people might be displaced together with a lot more other inconveniences to the citizens. Some of these actions are not really justified but are carried under suspicion that there is danger poised to citizens (Erisman 104). As the military moves around, they cause a great panic to the civilians and fear such that normal operations are hampered.

In the study, we have been looking at various ways through which a rational consensus can be reached and the effects of the opposite. It is apparent that lack of rationality has unforgiving repercussions that can affect a community adversely. The good thing is that the repercussions can be avoided if a proper and careful thought before any activity is done. My recommendation is for leaders to involve and employ reason in their decisions in matters that affect the nation and the citizen without reacting to their personal emotions and putting other people’s lives in danger. A decision made by the leader or example of the military can create many problems to innocent people who have no idea on what is happening.

Appropriate decision-making skills like the one described above should be put in place to enhance good governance and to help in formulating appropriate governance and foreign policies that are well in formed by the knowledge of the circumstances or reasons surrounding immigrants. Policies that follow the above steps are bound to create a great governing atmosphere and harmony in the country.

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