Field Trip

Part 1

A picture is worth a thousand words. This adage can be applied when considering the various aspects that photographs have. In addition, the intention of the photographer should be analyzed when looking at a photograph. Therefore, a picture is more than just the visual representation captured on a surface, but a story that is timeless.

Three different photographs are selected for discussion for the purpose of this paper. One of the three photographs selected from the list is a picture taken by a photographer known as Benoit Aquin. The picture has been named Shepherd in Wuwei and was published in the year 2006. The photography procedure used to create the photo is known as archival pigment print. This is a digital form of art that is used in printing photographs. The other photograph is known as Chongqing in Chongqing Municipality, which was taken by the photographer known as Nadav Kander. The photograph was published in the year 2007 and was created through the process known as chromogenic print, which is a process whereby a photograph is printed using a color of negative film. The third photograph is known as Battersea Power Station and has been created by a photographing artist known as Vera Lutter. The photograph was published in July 27, 2004 through a photographic process known as unique gelatin silver print.

When considering whether the photographs are didactic, it can be noted that they indeed educate using a variety of shades and colors can illustrate big differences within a photograph. For example, if the photographer is not pleased with the features of the photo he has taken, he could apply some adjustments of different colors and shades of light and darkness in order to transform it into a creative and attractive piece. The photographs can also educate other potential photographers on how to position the objects before taking a picture in order to enable the expression of the concept in mind. For example, the photo illustrates how the main subject has been positioned within the picture in order to give a clear view to the audience.

The photographs also educate on how to use different shades of contrast, darkness and light. For example, the man in the photograph has been purposely made to appear completely dark in order to express the solemn mood that is felt in the picture. The artist of the Shepherd in Wuwei image has been able to leave an imagery influence and comprehension of the ecological condition of the place. For example, the image displays an area that has experienced drought and therefore to complete the expression of gloominess, the man is made to appear very dark. The seriousness of the environmental condition is therefore better understood by the viewers.

The art of photography gives one the opportunity to express their thoughts, emotions or feelings that attract the viewer’s attention by enabling them to connect with the message that goes along with the intention of the photographer. The purpose of the photographing artist is to make the audience or viewers relate to the feelings he expresses on his photographic work. However, creating these photographs involves a lot of work because one has to think of a concept that leads to the development of the photo and follow certain steps in creating the photo itself. It is therefore important for the photographer to think about the intended idea or concept before applying it in the photography process.

Prix Pictet is an internationally acclaimed award that offers accolades to photographers for pictures that represent various issues that are pertinent to the society. The main purpose is to disclose the best art pieces that address environmental and societal issues that are faced globally. The picture known as Shepherd in Wuwei has demonstrated aspects of Prix Pictet because it displays drought in the area, which is one of the global environmental issue. The photograph, the eye of the Beholder has also illustrated a prix pictet idea because the image can be used to express the societal issue of self-esteem. The image shows that a teenage girl was trying to make adjustments in her first photo because she was not happy with how she appeared to look in the first picture.

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