Global Issues in Indigenous Poverty, Development and Sustainability

Global sustainability is changing and this calls for the significant participation of the aboriginal people. In order to attain suitability, there is need for indigenous people to interpret their traditional environmental knowledge (TEK) as an indicator for sustainable development. The Canadian Sustainability Indicator Network group should call for meaningful participation of government and non-government organizations to share their knowledge through organizing learning. This will act as a sustainability indicator for development not only in Canada but also in the global context. Thus, there is need to include the aboriginal people’s participation and their TEK towards promoting global sustainability of the environment.

In the aboriginal study program, McGregor calls for broader participation of the aboriginal people in the environmental resource protection and preservation. She calls for all the Canadian aboriginal people to incorporate their traditional ecological knowledge towards preserving and protecting environmental resources. McGregor (76) points out that the uncritical belief in western education as the only valid approach towards resolving environmental problems has fallen by the wayside. Thus, she calls for indigenous people to incorporate their indigenous knowledge as a valid approach towards resolving environmental issues.

According to McGregor, western science and technology have led to increased environmental issues that the present people in the globe are facing. In fact, western education about protecting and preserving the resources alone cannot solve the problems thus, she calls for the Canadian people to value traditional knowledge in addressing global environmental concerns. She comments that the use of TEK by the aboriginal people in Canada can be an alternative of the status quo that can reduce the environmental issues thus promoting sustainable development. Although TEK in the first place was seen as a major threat to global environmental problems, it recently received much attention mainly in the sustainable development area. Even though there are some protocols such as conventions on biodiversity that have been carried out in order to encourage or utilize TEK, a lot has not been done in this method. Evaluation as well as monitoring of TEK method in the way it achieves the desired outcomes of sustainability has been ignored. Hence, McGregor calls for Canadian aboriginals to utilize their indigenous knowledge and resources in creating a meaningful participation towards sustainable development.

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