Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier was born in September 1944. He is an American activist and an associate of the American Indian Movement (AIM. He was convicted for first-degree murder in 1977 and sentenced for two years life imprisonment. However, Peltier has stayed behind bars for more than twenty-nine years because of his political violence. Peltier’s case involved first-degree assassination of the two investigators who were federal bureau agents. This occurred in 1975 when there was a conflict about the reservation of the Pine Ridge Indian. He is termed as a political prisoner and the case has survived petitions in diverse courts. Various lawsuits have tried to file Peltier’s case on his behalf but they have failed several times. This is because the FBI seeks to make Peltier’s case an example to others who may stand up for the liberation of the native people.

Peltier’s case has been one of the most contradicting cases that has taken a long period. Peltier was convicted for the crime of shooting the two FBI agents. He has stayed behind bars for quite a long time. Crime scene technology has been used to search the crime scene for evidence, but no evidence has ever been found. Though recent evidence indicates that Peltier is innocent, he still is in prison and has never been given parole. This is an indication that at times, the law enforcements are corrupt as well as make critical errors. The AIM party did not receive justice because their leader was held behind bars without clear evidence that he committed murder (Kurtis and Stephanie 62).

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