Symbolism in Glengarry Glen Ross

            Literature acts as a mirror and reference to the society. It acts as a way for the writers to speak of the evils that are present in the society. By reading various works of literature, a reader can be able to tell the history of a place. This is the case with the play “Glengarry Glen Ross” written by David Mamet. Mamet tells the story of four salespersons and their supervisor. The men have been given the chance to win a Cadillac if they manage to sell property. Those who fail to do this will be fired. Despite the harsh and unfair conditions they work in, none of them wants to lose their jobs. They plan and do whatever they can, to ensure that they can sell and keep their jobs. The story shows the evils on capitalism and the lack of morality in the society. Each of the characters in the story is a symbol and represents the society that was prevalent at the time of the play.

Levene is one of the tragic heroes in the play. He represents a person who was once successful whose life did not turn out well. The reader gets the idea that he once was lucky, but things changed as he became older. He employed the same tactics used by scheming salespeople. For instance, he does not seem to mind, and he even finds pleasure in, selling worthless land to an old couple. He collaborates with Roma when Lingk comes to cancel the contract, and he pretends to be an important businessperson, so that Lingk cannot cancel the contract. He is so willing to do anything to ensure he succeeds that, he is drawn into stealing and breaking into the company. He is not wise in the sense that he reveals to Williamson that he is aware of a case that he had not filed. This inevitably means that he had access to the company’s records. Through this information, Williamson identifies him as the one who had broken into the office. He agrees to become partners with Roma, who is one of the best selling and ruthless agents in the company. He also represents people who are willing to conspire with those in power so that they can get what they want. This is seen in his conversation with Williamson. Although he tells Williamson that he is not man enough because he follows orders, he does not find anything wrong with flattering him so that he can get quality leads. He tries to bribe Williamson and avoids criticizing him when he is asking him for good leads.

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