Couples who have already decided to get married rarely dream of divorce as an option. This is despite the fact that divorce has become one of the most common problems in the country. Most people have the mentality that it will never happen. Couples dream of sharing their lives together and getting old together. However, despite all their best efforts, some couples end up having marital problems and they end up divorcing. Some of them usually try to resolve their problems by seeking help from family therapists, while others decide to divorce without any help. Factors such as culture and religion influence the rates of divorce in different parts of the world. Some religions strictly forbid divorce under any circumstances. For instance, although some Christians divorce, the religion demands that couples should stay together until death. It only allows for divorce in case of adultery. In some cultures, divorce is not usually an option and couples are expected to resolve their differences once they occur. Some of the causes of divorce are infidelity, violence and financial problems, and the consequences include psychological problems, lower standards of living and violence.


One of the major causes of divorce is infidelity in marriage. This is a big problem, which many couples find unacceptable and unforgivable. In some cases, spouses may forgive each other when the problem is not habitual. In other cases however, the guilty spouse makes it difficult for his or her partner when he or she insists on continuing with the affair. Infidelity leads to lack of trust between the couples. It erodes the love they once had and this leads to other problems such as fights. The affected spouses feel betrayed and inadequate. In some cases, the couples begin feeling that they are not capable of satisfying their partners. In such cases, some of the couples start to doubt themselves and feel rejected. They feel guilty and start blaming themselves for their partners’ unfaithfulness. In some cases, unfaithfulness in marriage may be caused by other causes. Some spouses may feel that they do not get the required attention from their partners and this may cause them to stray.

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