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Idiocracy movie

Idiocracy is an American film directed by Mike Judge, released in 2006. The film is an ironic fiction comedy narrating about a modern experimental science issue. It narrates about the story of two ordinary people that were used in a military hibernation experiment. The experiment goes twisted and later they awaken after five hundred years just to discover that the world has deteriorated into a controlled state. In the modern society, the stupid people outbreed the intelligent and the result is a degenerating earth. Idiocracy is a fiction narrative of a world devoid of intellectual curiosity.

Idiocracy is a film that reveals the way stupid modern society appears, because it is filled up with decisive blasphemy. The film is not only funny but also accurately constructs the way the future society will look like. The film is ironical because of the way it talks about the hibernation experiment whereby the ordinary people evolve after five hundred years. This is logical and furthermore the film is full of comical assault of the future culture. Additionally, it is a criticism of our own society. The film portrays the modern science and criticizes the ideal community and the advanced learning. The opening of the film criticizes people as the stupid people devoid of logical curiosity.

The best part of the film is the language creativity. The film is loaded with vulgarity but it is a reasonable vulgarity. In fact, the use of this language has a meaning because it describes the linguistic structure into which communication and thought processes have moved. Judge (2006) tries to reveal to the society the way modern society is like through depicting a future world, which might actually bypass. One may not find the movie pleasing because of the vulgar language used. However, if one may become tolerant and get the real message about the way the stupid modern society is, then one can really appreciate the work of the author.

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