The Science of Islamic Hadith

The science of Hadith is the study that is dependent upon the science of Quran and it is proper understanding of the Quran. The major Islamic school of law recognizes the Quran as the only source for Islamic law. The scientific interpretations of the Quran originate from its exegesis known as the tafsir. The Quran’s foremost tafsir is the Quran itself because it has diverse explanations of its own principles. Many Muslim scholars employ diverse religious disciplines for study analysis and evaluation of Islamic Hadith. The Hadith study is one of the Hadith specialist under which the study of science principles are explained. This study of science is concerned with diverse principles of sanad and the matn, which are the key principles of Hadith and the sahih, which is interpreted as authentic.

Among the key elements of the science of Islamic Hadith is the sanad and matn. The sanad explains the route through which the matn process follows. The Hadith specialist relies upon the matn in determining the authentic or Hadith’s weaknesses (Ramadan 67). The speech determines the synonyms of the sanad. The Muslims believe that the sanad consists of a chain of narrators whereby each mentions the information they heard from prophet Hadith. The companions of the prophets are believed to be the first people to receive the message, which they preserved and after understanding the meaning, they conveyed it to their followers. This was delivered to the followers depending upon the command they were given from the prophets. The message was then transmitted from the companions to the followers and later to the generations who passed it on from one generation to another.

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