Final exam essay 3

Choice #1 Question 1

Maria arrives in America as a mule together with several Colombian girls, “mules are use to carry drugs into countries without being detected” (, 2004). At the airport, the inspectors take her through an intense interrogation and only her pregnancy saves her from an x-ray. One girl is arrested at the airport and another falls sick when a pellet bursts inside her body. She looses her life when the drug owners cut her open to retrieve their drugs.

In the commotion that follows, Maria and her friend Blanca escape into the night. Maria realizes that life is not easy as it is depicted to be in America, not every one is rich, and comfortable for example Carla, Lucy’s sister, lives in a small apartment together with her husband Pablo and Pablo’s cousin. This is what Maria is used to back in Colombia with her family consisting of her grandmother, mother, sister and a nephew.

When she attempts to look for work with Carla assisting her, it does not come by easily. She is given several promises but no concrete answers, yet she is in the land of opportunities as America is fondly referred. In a country presumed to have hope for the hopeless, it does not give much since a casual job is not easy to find. Life in America is hard and someone is forced to do whichever casual job comes by to survive. In addition, this contributes to a person working many odd hours in a day at different jobs to make ends meet, this in contrast to the regular job Maria had back in Colombia.

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