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Part 1

Diversity refers to differences in terms of gender, culture, sexual orientation, age, religion, race and ethnicity. It involves working with people from different backgrounds who have different political inclinations, ideologies and perspectives in life. It involves working and cooperating with people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, languages, geographical regions, experiences, knowledge and beliefs. Some of the key words I associate with diversity are fairness, respect, appreciation and acceptance. Every person in the organization should be treated with fairness and respect. Nobody should be left out of organizational plans and communication. Everybody in the organization should learn how to appreciate people from different backgrounds. The law prohibits discrimination and anyone who is found guilty is charged. The US legislation has established different laws that will ensure diversity in the work place. These include the Civil Rights Act, Older Workers Benefit Protection Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act and the Age Discrimination Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. These legislation’s ensure that people are not discriminated based on their race, religion, marriage, genetic information age, sex, physical ability, gender and pregnancy among others.

I work in a diverse organization, where there are men and women of different ages, ethnicity and religion. Our organization has a strict policy concerning discrimination. Nobody is seen as inferior, and people are given equal chances of promotion. The organization has put measures in place to ensure that this is enhanced. People receive the same treatment at the work place. For instance, women are given paid leaves when go on maternity leaves. They are given the chance to come back to work, and they have childcare services. People are promoted based on their competence and merit and not on their sex or race. There are five departmental managers in our organization. One is Asian, two are African Americans and the others are white. Two of them are women. It is not easy to determine their religious stand since this is usually not discussed openly. One of the strong points about our organization is that there are people of different ages. The management contracts and pays young people and employees are free to work until they retire.

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