The Brothers Karamazov

The movie is set in Russia during the nineteenth century. It revolves around a father and his four sons who have different characteristics and beliefs. Their individual influence on the people they meet and the consequences. The father is a widower who has been married twice. He loves spending his money on alcohol and young immoral women. He is not interested in his sons’ upbringing, which results in them being apart from him. The first son Dmitri is an officer who does not get along with his father and loves to seduce women. The second son Ivan is an atheist who does not believe in God because of the many human suffering in the world. The third son Alyosha is a monk in the local monastery and is full of goodness and love for all. The fourth son Smerdyakov is a servant who is a bastard son with a mute girl from the street.

Selfishness is evident through out the movie through the various characters. Due to this moral value, people’s lives have been affected by it both in a positive and negative way. It leads to tragic events that would have been avoided. For instance, the father Fyodor refusal to give his son Dmitri his inheritance left to him by his mother causes a rift between the two of them. This is escalated by their interest in one-woman Grushenka, which later becomes motive for murder when Fyodor is murdered. During the trial Katerina Dmitri’s fiancé, produces a letter incriminating him of murder in order to save Ivan whom she loves. This results in Dmitri being judged guilty of crime he did not commit. Ivan belief of atheist leads to his careless talk to Smerdyakov, his bastard brother about how a world without God anything is allowed. This inspires smerdyakov to kill his father; on learning, this Ivan suffers a nervous breakdown.

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