Question 1

During the 1787 and 1820, different visions about the future of American dominated in American politics. One of the visions is that of Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists whereby he opposed the goal of a strong national government. Hamilton proposed for elections to be carried out. He asserted that when electing president who would serve forever, someone with good behavior and without corruption or abuse would be chosen. His vision was to have a future America whereby the election method is applied in electing a better president and senator. For instance, in July 1804, he sought to introduce governmental policies of carrying out elections and opposed the Treasury Secretary Programs. Thus, he encouraged Jefferson and Madison to write about the federalists papers that defend the proposed constitution. In addition, they both formed a Democratic-Republican Party, which opposed the Federalist Party’s policies.

Another vision is that of Jefferson and Madison. Jefferson acted as an overseer for the peaceful change in power of the future Americans. In 1801, Jefferson and his followers assumed the national government control as the champions of a future vision in America. Jefferson and Madison envisioned a sturdy society, Independent farmers and industrial cities (K, 267). Both of their policies favored universal education, which would introduce all Americans to the enlightenment age of scientific rationalism. For instance, in 1820, they proposed for governmental policies of new education system for both men and women. They wanted equal opportunities to create gender balance. In addition, they proposed for a future federal government that is limited in power with most of the authorities remaining at the state level. They wanted a change in power whereby women would have the same opportunities especially have the same education as men. Hamilton, Jefferson and Madison made a deal of securing the assumptions plan of the future economy whereby they wanted to fund debt in order to create a powerful future economy and overcome legislative opposition.

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