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Qualities of an effective leader

A leader is a person who shows others how to do things and when. Since others follow how he or she leads, it is crucial for him or her to have some qualities. The very first characteristic he or she should have is exemplary character. This is how a leader manages to lead others because they can emulate the good character. As he practices moral character, he or she has to be confident. Confidence is the ability to believe in oneself. When a leader initiates or proposes something, he or she has to do it with confidence so that others may follow without doubt. On the other hand, as a leader, it is crucial to be sure of how one directs the rest to avoid misleading them.

In some situations, a leader will encounter challenges like opposition. He or she therefore, requires moral courage to surpass this. It may be required for him or her to defend his reasons or ideas hence, he or she must be courageous. Decision is a common activity for all leaders. They are required to be good and quick decision makers. This is required in cases where a leader has limited time to make a decision. For instance, a country is attacked by terrorists. They give the president ultimatums. The president has to make a wise decision in a very short time.

There is no effective leader who is not humble. It is said that leadership is serving others; therefore, a leader is a servant. A humble leader is admirable to his subject, and they will respect what he says because he is not proud or arrogant. A humble leader can interact with his or her subject and relate well. If it is at the work place, a humble team leader will take time to understand his or her subjects and help in the problems they encounter. If a leader is humble he or she will automatically be approachable. This is a very important trait because the subjects are able to address whatever issue they get to their leaders.

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