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Functions of America’s Political Parties


If a common man/woman was to give the main role of political parties, he/she would state (with a sarcastic or bitter tone) that they were just set there to satisfy the desires of the leaders in those political parties. Although this may seem rude or sarcastic, it is so in most global political parties. It might be considered that this only happens to those countries in Africa or to other developing countries. However, it is rapidly taking place in the developed countries including the United States. The main roles are not executed effectively if they are executed at all, and the promises made during the election campaigns are not fulfilled in a way to be effective to the citizens. Being the two main parties in the American Politics, the Democratic and the Republican Parties are slowly falling down below the citizen’s expectations every time there is an election. The functions of the political parties today are as important in the American political system as they were in the past.


The main role of political parties in the United States is to bring the citizens together in order to put the government under control (Maisel & Mark 187). They also aid in developing policies favorable to their interests or the citizens in support of them. During the election seasons, they also organize and persuade citizens to vote for the candidates representing the party. Since the United States has two main political parties, the political scene mainly revolves around these two parties.

Recently, an adjustment such as the one requiring voters to be registered independent of any political party, has been taken to mean that the significant role of the political parties in the voters decision will be not be as effective (, 2011). Comparing the United sates with other states that have governments which are elected democratically, the United States is being judged on the functional aspect instead on being judged on all functions.

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