New Social Movements


Is it possible for new social movements to effect real political change? To some people this is extremely impossible, but to others it is possible. Social movements are groups of people or an organization formed in the aim of making a change in the social or political arena in the society (Senillosa 2002). There are so many types of social movements. All these movements have a change to effect in the community. In fact, those people arguing that the new social movements do not effect real change in the political scenes are wrong. This is because many have these social movements affect the political environment in a certain society (Senillosa 2002). Therefore, new social movements have the prospects to effect real political change in the society.


In the past, social movements were formed with the aim of effecting real change in the industrial sector. Their aim was not in the political environment but the industrial sector. This is because the aim of the people at that time was to produce. This era was known as the era of production. In this case, people were more concerned with factors affecting production in the society. At this time, the factors that were affecting productivity were more of a social nature than of a political nature (Fishman 248). For this reason, the social movements never made any real change in the political arena. However, for the few decades the world has changed altogether. People have become more of consumers than producers (Carty 21). As a result, the factors of consumption are being affected politically. Therefore, the new social movements formed are effecting real political change in the society.

The first prospect of political change in the society likely to be effected by these new social movements is peace because of war (Fish man 240). In the different political environments, globally, there is a lot of political instability. Currently, most of the developed countries in Africa are in war. They have constant civil war occurring almost every year (Wylie 2011). For this reason, groups of people or organizations, new social movements, are forming for the purposes of bringing political stability in the society. In this case, they are mobilizing other people in the society to say no war and other crimes that are bringing political instability (King 629). Henceforth, peace is one of the prospects of new social movements to effect real political change in the society.

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