The Eternal War

The external war: A Psychological Perspective on the Arab-Israeli Conflict was written by A.J Abraham and published in 2011. The book analyses an external war account of the Arab-Israel conflicts. The author examines the book following the historical as well as the psychological point of view. He provides further details on the historical Arab-Israel conflict and provides solutions to the conflicting issues. He focuses more on the Palestinian and Israelites perspectives as well as the history of the Arab states. Moreover, the author presents an inventive and comprehensive plan for peace in these states. This plan provides much of what is required for both parties in achieving successful negotiations and the achievement of a lasting peace. The book provides such an encouraging and an imaginative plan for promoting peace among the parties.

Abraham’s book is a wonderful book that provides a comprehensive and imaginative plan on the way the Arab-Israel conflict can create an everlasting peace in their nations. The Middle East continues to search for equitable solutions and the cause of conflicts (Abraham 112).

The Palestinians are terrorists who do not listen to any conflict solutions. This is because their native land was forcefully taken during the creation of the Israel state. There have been subsequent crimes from both conflicting sides. Thus, due to these conflicting issues, the author provides an imaginative plan on the way these conflicting issues can be overcome thus creating a peaceful environment. Although, there are some issues analyzed in the book that cannot help in promoting peace, much of the comprehensive plans are crucial in case taken into consideration.

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