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Importance Nicaea/Constantinople/Chalcedon in establishing logos

Nicaea was a council of bishops who were Christians. The significance of this council was to show the relationship of Jesus, with God the father and creator. It also corrected the calculations of arriving at the Easter dates. Kuiper (14) explains that this council also sheds light on the concept of who Jesus is. They agree that he is divine and a messenger from God. Nicaea believes in the teaching of apostles that Logos is the real deity together with God. Constantinople was a city in Rome, founded by Constantine I. He is the first leader who presided over the first Christian church. The leader of the church was a bishop. He associated the bishop with so much prestige. The bishop later became the pope, and this brought division in the congregation. Some became western Catholics while some became Eastern Orthodoxy (Schade, 34).

Arius never believed in neither God nor Logos. He said that God was not always the father, and even there was a time he was not the father at all. He continued to say that the word of God was not eternal because its source is nothing. He is just like any other human being and not supernatural as he is seen to be (Schade, 45). This belief of Arius was instilled by the teachings of Lucian from Antioch. He believed that before God got a son he was not a father. This means that Jesus originated from nothing. Schade (60) adds that his lack of a comprehensive explanation about God and Logos, made him conclude that God and Logos are not equal.

All the people who were Christians believed in God and Jesus as father and son respectively. The holy trinity defines father, son and the Holy Spirit to be one, hence equal. The groups of Christians who believed in this doctrine were the Chalcedonian and the congregation from Constantinople (Stanley, 40). It is believed that Christianity originated from the Roman Empire under the leadership of Constantine I. This congregation practiced Catholism up to when there was schism. Although there was a division in this congregation, they maintained their religious beliefs. However, there are a few changes like introduction of denominations and other practices. Today Christianity still holds the same concepts of God and Christ. In addition to this, they believe in having eternal life, after this earthly life (Stanley, 56).

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