College Transfer Application

Over thanksgiving holiday, I spent about two months in Minneapolis city at a friend’s place and I have to admit that this was an exquisitely pleasant experience for me. During this period, I had a lot of extra time on my hand, and this gave me the chance to experience the diverse livelihood of Minneapolis and explore the immense facilities and infrastructure endowed in this city. To be particular, University of Minnesota took the best of my attention. Numerous and substantial factors have prompted me to apply for a transfer.

Transferring to your university would intensely influence my future career build up as it coincides with all things I have ever imagined and desired in an educational center. College of Education and human development would be my ultimate first choice and preferably major in Business: “Human Resources Development”. However, given a second option I would choose College of Education and Human development and then “Sports Management” as a second major choice.

My basis for transferring is totally academic. I have established numerous friends at Minneapolis, and I have attended some lectures from your professors. Nevertheless, I do have one non-academic reason for being interested in Minneapolis. I initially applied to Minnesota University because it was comfortable. Judging from the facilities and programs present it was clearly evident that this is a stress free environment that served as a home away from home. Programs such as aquatic, fitness, Golf, intramurals, outdoor recreations, sports clubs, wellness and youth program are unheard of back in Michigan.

Being an international student from South Korea, I have schooled in Michigan of which am currently attending a two year college course. I am twenty-three years of age with five years of work experience. I have worked for the Army for the last two years, and before that, I had worked for a pharmacy and a restaurant. In the pharmacy, my job description was a cashier and helper whilst in the restaurant I worked as a waiter. I had a year experience from each of the work places. Working in these places has given me immense insight and more charisma to engage in studies.

The city of Minneapolis has partially played a role in motivating my transfer. It is nothing compared to Michigan. The reception, climate and hospitality of its people is rather impeccable hence offering the best environment and condition for studies. Furthermore, the development in the city in terms of infrastructure and availability of jobs related to Human Resources Development is recommendable. This is the ideal environment to apply the various skills learnt in the courses.

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