Appellate Brief

Statement of Facts

Due to current developments that have taken place in the recent past, I had to relocate to Sacramento California since this conditions required my attention. My mother succumbed to an injury on her lower back. She sustained this injury from a fall. This predicament prompted me to move in with her to offer some assistance, and in the process resigning my job in Danville.  I undertook this abrupt decision with a view that it would only be temporary, and that I would resume my residence shortly after in Kentucky state.

In her current condition, my mother is not able to fend for us, as she requires constant attention. Moreover, her sickness is demanding a lot of finance arising from healthcare assistance and proper medication costs, in addition to the debts she is servicing. This has consequently used up most of her income. I have enrolled for culinary studies at Le Cordon Bleu institute of culinary arts. I am entirely dependent on the financial assistance they are granting me, in which it is barely enough to cater for the course fees. I have had virtually redirect all my commitments to my family due to the unfortunate situation of my mother. Given that I am the only one she can depend on, I had to prioritize seeing my mother through the recovery period, which included collecting her medication. Her emotional drain and indigent state called for my constant attention.

I have undergone hardships concerning this personal responsibility and relocating my residence, having a negative effect on my time management. I had to involve myself in several duties that required being dedicated ample time. This included formulating this appeal, and extensively following it up. I have extensively required the relevant offices on the acceptance of this belated appeal.



            I have obligations concerning finance requiring an immediate income in the midst of my energy is being expanded in my efforts of attempting to acquire new bearings in Sacramento. I have tried but in vain to land myself a job that will see me through the mountain of expenses encumbering my family. I am currently surviving on few resources I managed to save and will be depleted very soon. Alternative options to alleviate this predicament are very few. Financial aid from unemployment insurance benefits proves to be the only option I can turn to. I am jobless and cannot be able to find any employment in Sacramento since the conditions here are harsh and I am yet to acclimatize to the current job market disposition in California. My unfortunate predicament is three pronged

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