Compare and Contrast between Pride and Prejudice and the Mayor of Casterbridge


Who is the better half when it comes to marriage? What does marriage means to the society? These are the frequently asked queries by people who want to marry. Many people do not who is the right person for them to marry. Other people do not know what marriage means to the society. According to the way time has changed from the past, the marriage institution has changed entirely. There are two novels, ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ which have clearly discussed the marriage institution. In the paper, the comparison of marriage as discussed in the two novels is the point of discussion.


The first thing portrayed in the two books is the importance of marriage. The marriage institution is respected by the different characters in the book. Additionally, marriage is seen to be important in the novels. For instance, in the novel ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge,’ Lucetta one of the characters is left with shame after she had a fling. To end the shame she must marry the person who she had a fling with, (Henchard 45). On the other novel, ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ the characters shows that marriage is not a game people play it is essential. Elizabeth believes that one has to get married to somebody of sound character (Austen 125). Henceforth, the two novels have similarity in that they are showing how the marriage institution is essential.

The other similar thing about the theme of marriage in these two novels is love and character in the two marriages. In order for people to get married, they must have the qualities or characteristics that make the partner fall in love. In the novel, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Elizabeth despises Darcy on discovering his past. She hates her and distances herself from him (Austen 124). Similarly, in the other novel, Lucetta despises Henchard after realizing that he sold his first wife. She distances herself from Henchard and their love is lost (Henchard 31). In these situations, it can be seen that the women love the men because of their character leading to marriage.

Lastly, for people to get married, they must know each other well so that they can make a decision whether to marry or not. This means that marriage cannot be arranged for people who do no know each other. This marriage is doomed to fail. This is clearly shown in the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ between the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth. The two have passed many trials before getting married this shows that their marriage is genuine (Austen 443). Correspondingly, in the other novel, the marriage between Susan and Henchard is genuine despite the hiccups. This is because it made Henchard stop drinking for twenty-one years (Henchard 233). Therefore, the two novels have shown that, in order for two people to get married they must first know each other for some time so that they can marry

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