Introduction to Sociology of Religion

            Sociology in religion is the study about the importance and the role of religion in a society. This study is necessary, as religion is extremely beneficial to majority of people. The practice of religion plays a crucial role in a person’s life as it influences the way a person behaves. Religion also helps an individual to understand their life experiences. Another importance is that religion influences a society especially how individuals behave and make decisions. The importance of the study of sociology is that it shows how religion influences an individual politically and morally. Religion gives a person a sense of belonging in a community. This study is important because it shows how religious groups respond to changes in the society. This study tries to analyze whether a change in a religion starts from the leaders or from the believers. The study of sociology is not used to prove which religion is the right one to follow.

The study of sociology in religion is important, as it has emerged that religion is practiced by educated people in the society. Often these people are young or middle aged, economically comfortable and are seen as not very interested in religion. The study of sociology in religion tries to understand the origin of religion. The study analyses what appeals a community towards a certain religion and how a new religion is started. Sociologists study how beliefs and practices of religion influence political systems (Johnstone, 25).

The importance of sociology in religion is used to show whether religion is losing influence in the community. This study illustrates the importance of religion in understanding a society. The study of sociology in religion does not seek to advice a person which religion they should accept or reject, instead this study is used to explain the history and origin of certain religious practices. The people who study sociology in religion do not give their personal opinions. Their personal opinions are usually set aside.

The importance of sociology in religion is that this study does not try to show that one religion is superior to the other. This study is not used to help a person make a decision on which religion to follow. The study is important but can be disturbing to people who passionately believe in their religion as it compares one religion to another and does not show the superiority or uniqueness of a certain religion. The views of a religious sociologist are different from the follower of a certain religion, but both views do not represent the whole truth of religion. It is important to note that the convictions of a believer of a certain religion may be considered irrelevant to the sociologist. The opposite also is true that the views of the sociologist maybe irrelevant to a follower of a certain religion (Johnstone, 44).

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