Captured Prisoner in a Strange Place

“Many things seem real but not what they seem to be”. Ken, as he was nick-named, practically knew this phrase more than most boys of his age. He had been jailed numerous times. He had been in a Juvenile prison twice, used drugs, smoked, drunk alcohol and did not let anybody who wronged him go without having given them a few cuts or bruises. This could be talked about him by the time he was eighteen years old. Despite such acts, those who had no idea who he was or what he was going through referred to him as a “sweet boy” because he portrayed such an innocent looking face.

On this day, Ken had not planned to get into any trouble, not that he had ever planned even in the previous cases. The prison wardens were in place during their outdoor sessions. He had planned to make a few dribbles then go to some of the other inmates so that he could play poker. As he was busy dribbling the ball, focusing on making a few shots before he called it a day, somebody suddenly grabbed him from behind and shoved a gun in front of him then leaned it on his neck. Before he knew what was happening, the person holding him captive was busy issuing threats to the wardens in order to persuade them to free them from the prison.

During the commotion, another inmate emerged holding the officer in charge of the prison. The man had a gun to the officer’s head. Through the commotion that left a few inmates and wardens dead, the man holding Ken captive was able to flee still holding him captive. Using a vehicle that was driven by another warden who had been taken captive by a third person, they were able to flee with Ken in a blindfold.

Ken stopped begging for his life when they left the prison. Although it was due to trauma, anxiety or fear that he had stopped begging for his life, he knew that he had never through such an experience. According to him, such incidences only happened in movies. For what seemed like hours, Ken was thrown into a very dark room. As his eyes continued to adapt to the lighting, he noticed a smaller window than the one in his cell. The place was stinking, and the only thing on the floor was a stinking blanket. He immediately started missing his cell.

After a while, the three men who had accosted him got into the room to inform him that his father would soon make a delivery. Ken’s father, Mr. Bruce, was a wealthy businessman who had everything running the way he wanted apart from his family. He was divorced, and his only son Ken had clearly not made him proud. Although he had not been much of a father figure in Ken’s life, Bruce did not want his son dead, especially due to his public image. Ken usually told the inmates that his father had been hit by a truck while Mr. Bruce told people that his son preferred living in the up-country. It seems someone (the kidnappers) had now made the connection and was ready to make a fortune out of it.

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