Letter of Qualification

XYZ Office Software Solutions

345 5th Ave

Seattle, WA 98109.




Idlewild Accounting

222 5th Ave

Seattle, WA 98196


Dear sir/madam:




Recently, I have read the advertisement that you placed in the daily papers, requesting for qualifications for the project of upgrading your desktop systems into one standard desktop to support all your accounting needs. I am writing to submit the qualifications of my team in recommending and executing the project within the specified time limit for your consideration.


Your project requires professionals in accounting software systems considering your focus in on accounting. My team has team has three professionals in this area, one with a BS in accounting software design, and the rest postgraduate degrees in software designing. In addition, to make a recommendation of the best systems to use for the project, there is a need to have an ardent professional systems management in order to recommend the most appropriate for your case. Our team has a professional in this area, qualified with a B.S in Business management information systems. Another requirement is software and network designers. My team has two specialists in this area; with several others, having good knowledge in the area considering it is our most essential skill. My team has had a vast of experience with office software for more than seven years now. We have worked in various offices, with the most projects being concerned with accounting, marketing and building integrated information systems in various companies for shared services. My team is well equipped with not only highly qualified professionals, but also equipments necessary for performing such tasks, such as an intelligence center and automated software designing to ensure less time wastage in the project. This will ensure completion of the project within the specified time without foregoing the quality of the project.


I am interested in scheduling a meeting with you to discuss the matter further and see how my team can undertake the project effectively. From my team’s experience in such projects for the last seven years, I believe we can handle this project with utmost expertise within the specified time. You can contact my team through the telephone within 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on working days and 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays. I hope to meet you soon to discuss the project further.


Thank you in advance for your consideration,




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