Personal Development as Strategic Manager

Assignment 1

As strategic manager working at the Directorate of Health, one of the strategic directions is to assist the organization to do a better job by providing the best health care services to clients. One way of doing this is by ensuring the employees are focused in their work. Another strategic plan is to make sure that all employees work towards achieving one goal. In order to achieve this, the organization has to plan on how provide better services to clients in order to increase income. The future of the organization will depend on the kind of service employees give to customers (Bryson, 408).

Strategic managers should have interactive skills as the organization has to focus its collective energy to achieve a common goal. Through the manager’s leadership, the manager is able to set clear goals of purpose, direction and ways to achieve the organizations objectives. The main responsibility of a strategic manager is to set direction of the organization and come up with a long time vision that can be used for over fifty years. This process involves setting up of long-term directions and obtaining them. The project manager of the Directorate of health lacks creativity in solving problems, and has no innovative ideas on how to meet the organization’s goals. The manager is not proactive in setting directions that last over a long period more perceptively.


Assignment 2:

The first thing a strategic manager has to do is to give the hospitals and the health centers a competitive edge. The manager has to create a favorable future and help the hospitals prosper by involving the stakeholders in creating the desirable future. The stakeholders should work together with the project manager to make this vision become a reality. The only way to create this future is through communicating and working together with the employees. The project manager will need to budget, plan, monitor, market the health centers through advertising, prepare reports and be in control of the operations.

To develop leadership skills, the project manager has to first honestly assess his individual leadership skills and attributes. The manager has to identify strengths and weaknesses and set a foundation for improvement. The manager should plan to be professionally competent to enable him earn the respect of the employees. The manager should be able to assess information and be able to solve problems. The manager should have job knowledge and be able to look at a problem from different angles

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