The Influence of the Different Psychological Perspectives on Observation

One of the extracurricular activities that I have engaged in involved spending time with small children in a kindergarten in New York, for a course involving child development. This opportunity enabled me to have a better insight of the basics of the knowledge in a child’s mind. I was able to realize how many people write of children by assuming the intricacy of their capabilities. A child is everything but simple minded. This enabled me to substitute my naiveté and dearth of knowledge of theories in child development. However, none of the theories in this expedition was as Freud’s; I was nevertheless continuously amazed by the ever different and new theories that were attempting to explain the origin of the behavioral patterns in young children. Even more appalling was the overall effect of my personal knowledge and theories as I began to process my observations on these children’s behaviors. There is more to any child than what meets the eye.

On one occasion, I attempted to pair each child with one of the nine different temperaments that I had learned from studying Chess Thomas and Birch. With these different perspectives and theories sinking into my head, I instinctively compared the visible similarities and differences between the applicable theories, and began digress which of the theories were in support of my interactions and observations. As a result, I was able to identify the intriguing situation of the obvious similarities between a child’s reactions in the course of Ainsworth’s strange situation and the responses of a monkey in the case of Harlow’s Attachment theory experiment. Harlow’s experiment was unethical. It involved leaving monkeys to develop affectionless personalities that resulted in a worst-case scenario on that particular experiment. Nevertheless, he introduced the relevance of attachment and its influences. Harlow deprived these monkeys of several attachment conditions; in turn experiencing massive anxiety and separation. This experiment however reminded me of Bowlby’s interest in institutionalized children.

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