Delinquent Behavior: Gangs and Drug

            There has been an increase in the number of gangs and drug abuse in recent years. The community, law enforcers and the state have to come up with strategies to discourage creation and joining of criminal gangs. The existing gangs should not have influence and power in the community. All stakeholders who include the government, law agents, and leaders of the communities have to fight against the use of illegal drugs. The youth should be discouraged against joining gangs, and everyone should be focused in fighting these groups (McCollum, 3). All the stakeholders who are fighting against drug abuse should have an open mind, and should be committed to the goals and objectives of fighting drug abuse.

They should be able to think out of the box and come up with a plan of fighting drug abuse. One of the strategies that can be used is by exposing the people who sell drugs. The local community and the law enforcers must be involved in fighting the abuse of drugs. Law enforcement agencies should work with everyone in the community to reduce drug abuse. They have to become more proactive in their operations to prevent the youth from the use of drugs and assist them to make better choices in their lives. Since prevention is better than cure, the prevention of the use of drugs among adolescents is an important goal for parents and the whole community. The Law enforcers will have to introduce tougher measures at the borders to prevent illegal drugs from entering into the country. Communities are to work with the law enforcers to reduce drug related activities by making their neighborhood less susceptible to people who sell drugs. For this to happen, neighborhoods have to remove hideaways like poorly lit streets and vehicles that are no longer in use. Law enforcers should team up with residents and lighting companies to light the neighborhoods and make safe from drug dealers and users. The law enforcers should be people of high integrity and trust this will eliminate fear from residents, who will in return work with them to make neighborhoods safe.

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