Personal Development as Strategic Manager

Assignment 1

Improving employee welfare is also important in the direction of the organization. Since the organization relies on the employees to achieve its goals and objectives, it should plan to ensure employees have the best working conditions possible. This will be done by improving the facilities needed by the employees and looking into other grievances. All this will be looked into keenly not only because it is a legal requirement but also to mind the welfare at the work place (Marquis, 21).

Some of the skills required by a strategic manager working in Directorate Health are good communication skills. These skills are not only necessarily needed by a strategic manager but also any other administrative personnel. A strategic manager should be deal with any matters arising and use the most effective means to give directives. They should ensure constant and timely flow of information between them and their employees. This can be achieved by choosing the best modes of communication.

Another important skill is fast decision-making. Managers are used to facing problems that require immediate attention. A good strategic manager will understand the problem, think rationally and make the best decision. This is a difficult task to most strategic managers because their decisions may be challenged by other personnel. Such a situation should be countered by the manager being firm on his or her decision (Khoury, 12). In Directorate Health, the strategic manager lacks the skill of being a good decision maker. Sometimes the decisions take too long to be made whereas prompt action is needed.

Assignment 2

If strategic managers intend to improve their leadership skills, they must formulate a plan. The first step is to identify themselves clearly. They could consider things like what they want to do for the organization and what they want to achieve eventually. After that, they should know their abilities, strengths and talents (Buckingham & Donald, 36). They should capitalize on these attributes because they show their capabilities. Strategic managers should have morals and values. These are basic requirements for all human beings. The managers are required to use these virtues in their leadership roles. Some managers make decisions out of their emotion and end up making mistakes. This is a big obstacle to their leadership and career development.

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